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  1. Conflict Lovah

    So many appropriate comebacks to “Do you know where you are, white boy?”

    “Yes, I’m in my neighborhood. Why? Do you need directions?”

  2. Dot rat
  3. Cars Suck

    Good writing. I just had a similar experience riding my bike in J.P. As soon as someone brings race into the mix it really escalates things. It’s borderline hate crime. While riding yesterday, a man, who happened to be black, and I am white, driving of all things…a silver PT Cruiser, decided to follow me for a mile yelling things like “Bitch” at me for NO REASON. Then when he tried to run me off the road by driving within near inches of me I got pissed and called him a dick when I caught up to him at the stop sign. To which he yelled “You stupid White Ho” at me. I called him a racist and then nearly plowed into a truck cause I was so upset by everything.

    Seems to me that the people who hate cyclists are the same kind of people who hate women, hate people based on their ethnicity, probably hate cute little puppy dogs, and if given the chance would eat a baby. It’s such a topsy turvy world… You could make a blanket statement and say “all people in the “ghetto” are going to try to run down a white person on a bike” but I see so many people of color riding bikes themselves. Do people hate the bike or the color? I guess the fact that the person riding the bike is not the same color as they just pushes them over the freaking edge. Cheers to “urban” cycling.

  4. Cars Suck

    Thanks Adam. I will subscribe. Hopefully both of our encounters with motorists will be isolated incidents and same as you – yesterday was the only incident I’ve had involving an enraged driver where a racial slur was used. I guess I have to keep in mind that living in a diverse community means learning to calmly handle anything that is thrown my way. Growing up in Brookline I’m so used to confronting anyone who did anything I didnt like, be it turn into a lane without signaling, or not even car related -just cutting to the front of the line at CVS…

    As a cyclist, I am now learning that my #1 priority is staying alive, which is no easy feat…not chasing down cars on my bike to yell at them when they cut me off. I am with you 100% about riding in the middle of the street when you feel endangered. No one will hit you from the back, unless they are drunk, or insane…but they will inadvertenly try to squeeze by you on the left and force you into the curb or car. I also agree with you that it is waaay to easy for people to obtain licenses in this state. Also breed. Shouldnt there be a test for that too? oh and own cellphones-should have to pass a test. I’m not sure what the guidelines are like in other states (I would think that MA would be one of the toughest) so perhaps it’s just too easy everywhere. My hope is that gas prices will keep skyrocketing and all the millions of people who commute less than 5 miles, and drive to the store that is 3 blocks away will start riding bikes. What will it take? 8.00 a gallon? 12.00? 30.00????

  5. Alec

    haha..thats hilarious rock. great story

  6. Anonymous

    All Things Eco Blog Carnival Volume Eight…

    Welcome to the July 14, 2008 edition of All Things Eco.

  7. Jessica

    I would have reported him. But hey, thats me.

  8. Anonymous

    I hope your heads get so big they EXPLODE.

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