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14 responses to “Face-Off with a Deadly Predator”

  1. Aaron

    I'm not sure why, but I love this video. The danger, giant seal just wants to LOVE!

  2. boby

    terrible!!… but i think, it's cool video. thanks for share.

  3. AdamPieniazek


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  5. markprep

    I went kayaking in the north west and saw one of the monsters! horrifying, but amazing.

  6. Duplicate File Finder

    This video is very terrible for me but amazing thing is that my little son who is 5 years old enjoy this video and ask me to play again and again.

  7. Niche Generator

    Oh my GOD, this is very terrible video but also interesting one.

  8. Free iPod

    It would have been a much better video if there was actual footage of this beast of a seal in action rather than just still pictures put together. Nonetheless the video is great and the quality of the pictures is just amazing.

  9. Emanuel Blackford

    God , so sweet 😀
    Had experience that animals do such, incredible things.

  10. aie

    wtf! interesting

  11. newscrawler

    It's not deadly it's cute (if that thing far away from me)

  12. pearpandas

    Whoa cool vid. Thanks for sharing!
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  13. Link Building Tricks

    This is real amazing..
    This video really shows the reputation of National Geographic cameraman


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    This is real amazing

    This video really shows the reputation and quality of the national geographic cameraman