Article written by Adam

4 responses to “My Top Five Most Played Artists in iTunes”

  1. George The PC & Laptop Guy

    I have CreativeZen and after a year of listening to the music on the go, in the tube and at work, it finally started to figure out my music preferences. So here’re my top 5 (in no particular order ’cause songs are counted, not artists):
    (1) Rammstein – no surprises here; it’s already clear that my music taste differs from yours.
    (2) Kaizer Chiefs – the best British band at the moment, all songs are hits.
    (3) Metallica – old albums only.
    (4) Bloodhoud Gang – superb.
    (5) Dire Straits – veterans of British pop.

  2. Atlanta Criminal Attorney

    I agree with the Doors and The Who….can’s say I totally agree with the others.

  3. Harlem 6 Wu Tang

    I like most of your artists, even though I’ve never heard of Ronald Jenkees. I listen to classic rock and alt rock all the time; but lately I’ve been listening to hip hop. I think my music style changes with the season mostly. I would like to suggest some artists to you adam. Try out Gangstarr, Krumbsnatcha, and of course you guessed it Harlem 6. I think these guys have a lot of passion in their music like Bob Dylan and Neil Young.

  4. Adam Pieniazek

    I like a few of the bands you listed George. Nothing wrong with Rammstein, Kaizer Chiefs nor Bloodhound Gang, though Metallica turned me off a long time ago due to numerous reasons.

    I’m a huge fan of Gangstarr Harlem, but I’ll check out Krumbsnatcha and Harlem 6. Thanks for the recs!