Article written by Adam

10 responses to “42 Great Twitter Users to Follow”

  1. Tim

    Nice one Adam. #FollowFriday is a great opportunity to find good people. I’d much rather take a recommendation from other trusted people than filter through a big group of followers. It’s like having a personal Twitter filter.

    1. Adam Pieniazek

      Yup, that’s the beauty of twitter is you can learn about twitter and find other users to follow from your existing twitter base. Just like you, I much prefer a reco from someone I already know and trust than random directories or even the twitter recommendation page (which really just points you to celebrities and big brands).

  2. George Packard

    Twitter is certainly gaining momentum. I keep getting emails from marketers with new innovations and unique ideas to use Twitter!

  3. Detectives

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  6. Earthisalive

    Great post Adam. Some of the biggest personas which are recommended by Twitter itself are very disappointing. For example Al Gore who has an excess of 40,000 followers and updates his Twitter every couple of hundred years, an inconvenient truth indeed for his biggest supporters who use twitter.

    Just my 2 cents

  7. Dr Benson Yeung

    I am also new to twitter. Thanks for the tip before I drown in a sea of followers including Britney Spears and the like.

  8. Adam Pieniazek

    Earthisalive and Dr. Yeung, I agree that the recommendation engine on certainly needs some tweaking. It might be a big reasons why people struggle to pick up on the benefits of twitter because they just see celebrities and wonder what’s the point of hearing about celebrities even more. I actually blogged about this a bit for, where I suggested that twitter should base recommendations of users you already follow. Check out #4 on that list for my personal suggestion, though the whole list is full of great ideas.

  9. Pozycjonowanie Poznan

    I love @zaibatsu’s twits. They’re very informational and kinda funny. Very nice list.