Article written by Adam

8 responses to “Boston Bike News”

  1. Casey

    Based on your reaction to my blog post about my first time biking to work, I would have been afraid to admit to you that I don’t bike to work already and need a used bike!

    Great news, though, about the bike lanes. When I am in my pollution-mobile I try to give bikers a wide berth, especially when there are no bike lanes.

  2. Casey

    At least someone’s reading what I write. 🙂 Two miles is a breeze of a commute – during ideal conditions. I bet with enough biking I’ll become hardcore enough to get one of those crazy commuter bikes without gears! One can dream…

  3. Heidi

    I wish we had bike lanes here. I get nervous that I am going to hit somebody on accident. It is like on of my worst fears. I admire bikers and think it would be great to have those around here.

  4. Casey @ OYFP

    So the only reason cars avoid bikers is because they’re afraid of insurance rates skyrocketing? That sucks. I would hope that they wouldn’t want to injure or kill someone. 😛

    Bike lines are a helpful reminder for drivers. Sometimes towns do make roads wider in order to put bike lanes in.