Article written by Adam

12 responses to “OS Xbox Pro: An Awesome Computer Mod”

  1. Paik

    To Build the caise is a good company, it is not safe from all but not at all impossible. For those who have at least the main tool is a good manuli might be a good idea. would be nice to see some amateur video.

  2. Vikram

    Man that's so awesome!
    Wish I had the experience and tools to do that!

  3. Mario

    God I hope the xbox was broken, I've been wanting one forever

  4. London hotels

    Really this mod is loved bu computer hardware geek. I regret i am not a hard ware geek. Anyhow i can recommend my friends and colleagues to have this mod.

  5. cheap hotels

    Os Xbox provides awesome programming facility to the hardware workers. It takes them in a fantastic approach to the applications.

  6. Automatic Driveway Gates

    Wow! That is freaking amazing. I am jealous and I want to buy one! Does anybody know if these things are for sale yet?

  7. Watcha

    Man I gotta learn to invent stuff…:(
    I know I'm probably about to open a can of worms here but…PS3 RULES!!

  8. herretoej

    Great creativity. What to say ? Simply awesome. I really loved your work man. You gonna gift this one 😉 ?

    1. Adam Pieniazek

  9. Jason Hommel

    Wow, that's awesome! He sure has a lot of time in his hands and doing that is time well spent!

  10. directorysubmission

    It looks quite awesome to and it takes a lot of hard work, patience and sacrifice to make a good company. I am sure that many people will surely like to learn a lot from the post.

  11. toej are great. You've got amazing talents. Hope to see more inventions like this!