Article written by Adam

7 responses to “WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE!
Trailer for Collapse”

  1. tessatsobe

    Collapse explains the crisis that is coming ahead of us. It is interesting trailer, it is a reminder for everybody that all the abundance that we are using now will eventually run out.

  2. ordis

    Amazing disintegrating fonts!!!

  3. sarah d

    great trailer looks awesome

  4. iloveclothing

    i like this movie very much. thanks for share.

  5. Treadmills

    Whole economic is a pyramid scheme, the collapses in economy and ups and downs are natural, and Every man is going to be expired after a specified time. So we have to leave and stand with difficult time.

  6. Watcha

    How happy! 🙂
    Looks good though.

  7. ubieranki

    dear good it looks scary! I prefer romantic comedies like what happend in las vegas which I just finished watching