Article written by Adam

3 responses to “My Last Name = tl;dt”

  1. Justin Wright

    Congrats on the move. I've wanted to get for along time now but can't get the guy to budge. Grr…

  2. AdamPieniazek

    Thanks Justin, that stinks about, especially since the current
    site there is quite stinky. I’d set up an auto-buy it if it becomes
    available, never know when he might fall asleep at the wheel…

  3. the Jim Gaudet

    It's too bad that Justin didn't get, that's a great name. I noticed all your olds posts come through my feed reader and noticed the change. I like it. I am interested in your 301 strategy, I am using an old one from my original file structure, that makes my htaccess file a little messy.