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12 responses to “Doooood, I got soooo drunk last night.”

  1. Paul Malt

    Doooood, I get so drunk everynight! I thought it would have ended after graduating from college but then it became getting soooo drunk when I raced sailboats, getting soooo drunk while going skiing, soooo drunk while traveling the world, sooo drunk while mountain biking and now that I’m a lot older it’s getting soooo drunk while my wife yells at me, soooo drunk while the baby cries and soooo drunk while paying the bills.

    If I could do it all again I wouldn’t change a thing except the getting older part.


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  2. Radhu

    a good comedy!!!!!he he

  3. Justin Wright

    Duuuudee, I got so drunk saturday night! I ended up walking 3 miles from the bar but managed to make it home….

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  4. Adam Pieniazek

    Haha…nice Paul….has your drinking and paying bills led to any interesting stories?

    “Sir, you cannot pay your phone bill with crackers”

    I’ve got a history of cirrhosis in my family so I tend to not drink much but every now and then it’s a good release. Moderation is key, imho.

    Ahh, I’ve had similar walks Justin. It’s good for ya, workout and sweat out the booze for less of a hangover. Though 3-4 mile walks in dressy shoes sucks big time.

  5. Balaji

    I once drunk a lot with friends and dashed my car to another car which was coming in opposite direction. After than i have made sure i don’t drive after drinking.

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  6. Adam Pieniazek

    Another great reason to not get so drunk Balaji, thanks for sharing. Seriously, the video clip I embedded is meant as comedy but it does share some wisdom too, that excessive drinking is just plain dumb.

  7. nana

    drink as much as u can………..coz onli humans drink…………..

  8. George The Web Designer & Developer

    I personally try not to drink a lot but as some people say “There’s never enough vodka, will always have to go down to the shop to get some more”.

    And the best thig about it is like in comedy “How I Met Your Mother”, people become honest and cheerful and don’t think a lot.

    Becoming a human took N million years but it takes only one evening to become a monkey (though temporary).

  9. Playstation


    Haha, I find myself saying that every Sunday still to this day :S – maybe I have a problem!

  10. Adam Pieniazek

    I like that analogy George. It’s very true and brings home the point that moderation is key to retaining your health and respect.

  11. jay

    It has been quite a while since I have even had one drink let alone got drunk enough to say so the next day. I really think drinking is an over looked addiction and there are so many people that have 2 or 3 beers after work every day and then get trashed all weekend and think this is ok? not sure I agree.

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  12. Adam Pieniazek

    I agree with you Jay, moderation is crucial for alcohol consumption. Otherwise, it is quite a dangerous addiction and can lead to death in a multitude of terrible ways.