Article written by Adam

2 responses to “The Failure of a Freshman Dictator”

  1. van sales

    Hi. This post is a great read for management students. Reminds me of many nights of case studies on the Contingency Theory and other leadership theories. Leaders should try to be located in the middle of the spectrum, be people-oriented and goal-oriented at the same time, in order to be effective. 8 years out of graduate school and I cannot remember anymore: are leaders born and not made, or the other way around?

  2. Adam Pieniazek

    Thanks Van. I think leaders really don’t exist is what graduate school really tries to teach you. A good leader would be someone who stays out of the way of employees whiles also making sure impediments are cleared out of the way of the employees. In other words, a good leader works in the shadows and gives credit to his employees/followers while accepting criticism and keeping distractions away from the followers (e.g. Bill Belichick).