Article written by Adam

9 responses to “A Contest: Free Ronald Jenkees CD”

  1. TedfromAccounting

    Hook it up brotha…that Rocky remix you sent me was SICK!

  2. Nicole

    Oohh…. Ronald Jenkees~ My man~~ he turns me on with his fingers.

    Wait, that sounds wrong.

  3. My

    Silly Sick CD

  4. Jide

    Ronald jenkees
    All your beats remind me of timberland
    They make a white guy wanna break it down.
    Thank you

  5. Toni Juntunen

    Yo man, i’ve been fan of yours for months now, and i just keep listenning your songs from YTube, but it feels wrong, so i thought to check couple sites of you what i could find, and maybe buy one of them, but im deeply sorry to say that at the moment im so broke that cant afford lol, how stupid it might sound its true.

    So anyways, i would be so glad if i’d win the CD, it just feels wrong to keep whacking YTube just to hear your songs.

    – Anyways, your awesome, keep it up on future! : )

    1. Adam Pieniazek

      Hey Toni. Already gave away this CD.

      You might want to check out Ronald’s blog. His debut album is less than $10 on Amazon and totally worth it. Here’s my review of the album.

  6. Mick

    Ronald!… well done on anti-procrastinating and when are you *Showing* in Dublin City. Ireland.

    Cheers! on your CD