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16 responses to “Not Too Much Fun: A Review of the Ronald Jenkees Debut Album”

  1. David Gifford

    I’ve been saying this for months, since I first discovered RJ thru Bill Simmons. Ronald is simply the greatest thing that ever lived. Simple as that. Who else can post a snippet of him on a roller coaster, or hunting a birdsnake, or the wonder of properly placed laundry soap and have it be so riveting? Everything he does is magic, as they say. Before I ran into his youtubes I had never listened to hip-hop, can’t stand it really. Or rap. But with RJ, I’m into both. Hail to the king…

  2. Michael Ott

    Good review. Sounds like you are just as enthusiastic about this album as I am. I reviewed it a few days ago as well and also did an interview with Ronald.

  3. Michael Ott

    Thanks Adam. Ronald was a great interview-ee 🙂 Nearly all those questions were submitted by our readers which was pretty cool.

  4. Phu Nguyen

    I found him though Youtube and He is a great pianist and producer! Mos tlikely going to be famous soon if he keeps htis up

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    […] post from Adam Pieniazek falls into two categories, as it is a review of the self-titled debut album of Ronald Jenkees, an unsigned artist. Ronald has quickly become an internet phenomenon through his YouTube videos […]

  6. Phil

    If “Aint no thang” had been sung by rappers who are already popular — same lyrics, everything — it would have been a HUGE hit.

    “Comin’ down to the Marriott, don’t care if ya see me or not!”

  7. Mark Jameson

    just a little correction, for aint no thang u quoted “Nuh uh. You cant coax me to floss.”

    if im thinking of the same part of the song as you, its:
    “nuh uh no, you cant coach me to flow”

    if i mixed up 2 parts feel free to spam me with hate mail

  8. Adam Pieniazek

    You’re sort of right Mark. Ronald sent in an edit to my version of the lyrics a while back. The edit is above in the post, but for clarity, here are the offical lyrics, straight from Mr. Jenkees:

    “tappin on my breaks to the sound of this heat (just meant the heat coming off the track)..can’t coax me to flow (can’t trick me into rapping) But don’t change a thing (unless you want to). The lyrics don’t make much sense anyways, and it still makes me laugh!! Thanks Ronald!]”

    Thanks though, seems even Ronald is mixed up on the lyrics!

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  9. Nu

    Ronald will be big in the music industry very soon, it’s guaranteed. Almost Undamaged is the defining moment of the first CD in my opinion, and his second CD will be 5 times better than the first, which is hard to believe because his debut album kicked so much ass.

  10. Adam Pieniazek

    I agree Nu, can’t wait for his second album to drop!

  11. Kurt

    Here is the new video for Ronald Jenkees’ “Loui”


    1. Adam Pieniazek

      Is this an official Jenkees video? It’s cool nevertheless but wondering hoping if he’s now pumping out videos to go with his music.