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  1. ABLSstudent

    Okay,so this is not a prank. There are girls that are underclassmen that think they are vampires. One of them bit another girl on the neck and deffinately has some mental illness. She was taken away by the cops. I’m sick of people reading stuff and commenting that we are unintelligent. Wouldn’t you be freaked out if some girl thought she was a vampire and bit you on the neck while you were eating lunch? Exactly.

  2. Adam Pieniazek

    Thanks for coming on here and reporting the facts. To be honest, The Boston Globe’s article was crap and made it seem like it was a prank (because as a fellow member of the Latin family, I know we’re smart and wouldn’t think there are vampires running around).

    Only after hearing reports coming in from students did we realize that the Globe did not mention the real news at all, which is that (like you wrote) there were students actually biting each other and threatening to continue assaulting and escalating their attacks against others.

    We got plenty of grief from the local media when we were attending BLS for a few incidents too. Don’t worry about what they say, they’re just jealous!

    Thanks for coming on here and letting us know the truth.

  3. You can;t cover up the truth

    well i jsut wanna answer this question fo is it true,
    no noone got arrested but someone in my grade does thinks eh is a vampire. its scarey, but true. so dont try to hide it, because the bls student body know the truth. sorry teta you can’t cover up the truth.


    Seriously? SERIOUSLY? People thinking they are vampires? This incident is just another reason why Twilight is f**king stupid, and why you can be smart AND crazy. There were some nutters during my time at BLS, but no one was this crazy. Now the BLS name is ruined. Thanks guys.

  5. BLS 09

    No one got arrested. I was at the lunch where all of this neck biting and arresting business supposedly happened. Here’s the story: the vampire rumors were exploding astronomically at this point, and word got out that the “vampires” (as everyone else has said, 9th grade girls who supposedly think they are vampires) were at this lunch. Basically the whole senior section got up to go see exactly who these girls were. At the same time, some cops came into the cafeteria (oh whoops my b “dining hall”), which immedialtely started fueling outrageous rumors, but apparently they were only there on routine business. At no time did I or anyone else at my lunch see anyone get bitten on the neck or arrested. Lets calm down everyone.



    1. Adam Pieniazek


      I don’t know if the BLS name is ruined but it for sure is taking a hit with this story. This whole statement that came from the administration should have basically not mentioned anything about vampires but merely said that students should not be spreading rumors or threatening other students. Making it seem like the student body is running around panicked about vampires is not a good image to be portraying and I really, really hope they come out and clarify what happened so that no one is affected negatively in their college apps and jobs.

      @BLS 09 Thank you so much for clarifying. I really appreciate hearing what actually happened from students who are currently attending there. Good to know that no one was actually bitten.

  7. BLS '12

    Umm… no one was taken away by the cops. I saw the girl in school today and she was fine. I heard that she did bite someone on the neck and they went to the nurse but considering how rumors fly, I really don’t know. (Haha she’s actually in my lunch but I’m pretty ignorant so I noticed nothing xD).

    But yes, the media has blown this out of porportion. D= This is terrible for our image!

  8. Kevin Hoang

    I’m just as surprised and somewhat ashamed as you are. It’s on MTV, Wikipedia, and now.

  9. Class of 2012

    Wow, if this keeps up, I guess we don’t have much of a good relationship with Harvard anymore will we? Seriously though guys, lemme just say that the class of 2012 minus 3 is not as insane as you think we are.

    And just to let you know, the real threat was one boy who said he was going to bring a gun (some say bomb…but really? bomb?) to school. We had no bag check today either but a few police did patrol in the front entrance. I saw one of the “vampires” at lunch and she seemed fine.

  10. BLS Junior

    wow, none of this crap is true. they are just girls who like to bite each other on the neck. they’ve been doing it before twilight, i’ve seen them around.

  11. Adam Pieniazek

    @BLS ’12: There’s no such thing as bad publicity! Seriously though, this will die down (pun not intended) in a week or two.

    @Class of 2012: I wouldn’t worry about it too much. I really don’t think any college is going to make a decision based of the vampire mania. BUT, do be prepared to possibly have to give an opinion on the whole matter as I’m sure some people will bring it up.

    Do you guys n gals usually have bag checks? That’s crazy. I graduated in ’02 and we had no such thing.

    @BLS Junior – Yeah, the Globe made it seem like everyone was running around yelling out “oh no zombies are everywhere”. But, they have to sensationalize stories like this to push people’s buttons and move newspapers.

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  13. 2013

    2nd lunch FTW!

  14. Edgar Rossi

    Never doubt, man!
    Maybe you don’t know creatures this world.

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  15. BLS Student

    I saw this guy walking on the stairs and he was talking about some girl who bit his neck. Also, there was this girl on the train who kept talking non-stop about vampires. She was with a group of people and they sounded like they actually believed her.

  16. Adam Pieniazek

    @Edgar Very true. I’m the kind of person who believes that the universe is so freaking big (it’s huuuuge!) that there’s probably a planet of vampires out there somewhere. We cannot take the chance and must always keep wooden stakes handy, just in case.

    @BLS Student

    Careful, that kind of unsubstantiated rumor might just get you printed in the newspaper!

  17. karmin

    but i never been see that guy…

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  18. karmin

    yeah, i think none of this crap is true. like BLS12 says

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  19. Josh

    No vampires at latin, we’re all safe and secure.

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    1. Adam Pieniazek

      But there are zombies at BLSA!


      Yeah, it’s a silly story that completely twisted around by the media. Still, the headmaster should have just held an assembly telling the kids to quit it and get back to learning. There should have been no mention of vampires by the school administration, they really dropped the ball there.

  20. current student

    now there are werewolves running around the school and biting people
    get serious

    Why were the 9th grade girls so dumb anyways?

    How did they even get into this school?

    They are making us look really bad.

  21. Adam Pieniazek

    BREAKING NEWS: Werewolves at the Latin School!

    Honestly, the “vampire” girls did show creativity and independence throughout this whole matter so I wouldn’t consider them dumb just because of this incident. Besides, if the headmaster simply called an assembly and told everyone to quit the bullying/biting/rumor spreading this thing would not have been all over the national news media…

    Everyone who is pissed about this whole story, make sure you subscribe to my feed as I’ll be posting a funny article on Wednesday that everyone who read this article should enjoy. 🙂

  22. Firany

    I love how some kids just can’t see the difference between shitty novels/films and real life. After Harry potter there were people dresing up like wizards but I don’t think anyone actualy considered themselves a wizard. This time we went one step further and every little girl that reads twilight wants to be/thinks she is a vampire. I wonder what the next fad will be

  23. BTD

    Hahahah totally have to agree with Firany

  24. musica

    Firany is right, that is the true hahahaha

  25. MC Bat Commander

    i can never decide if it makes me want to pull my hair out or laugh hysterically.

    not gonna lie though, the boston globe article kinda kissed up to BLS

    poor handling of the situation (gives BLS a bad rep). the admins bit off more than they could chew 😉

    1. Adam Pieniazek

      MC, the Globe did heavily edit that article after the fact, It’s a lot more favorable to BLS than it originally was. But yes, the administration is at the core of the issue here. They handled it very poorly.