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  1. Justin Wright

    Great list of apps. I’m checking out Textwrangler as well as cashbox.

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  2. David Humphreys

    iSquint is dead, unfortunately.

    From your url: “VisualHub, AudialHub, and iSquint have been discontinued and are no longer for sale.”

  3. Adam Pieniazek

    Cashbbox works fine Justin. If I didn’t already have Cha-Ching, which is better but not free, I’d be using Cashbox. Also TextWrangler is awesome. I love the compare folders feature, which I used the other day to figure out what I edited in The 42nd Estate’s theme to break our tag categories!

    Thanks for the heads up David. I was actually able to find the last version of iSquint they put out on and have updated the link. I tested the download link and the app and it works great. Sorry about that!

  4. Adobe AIR Applications

    Adobe AIR one of the applications that cross operating system..

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  5. Adam Pieniazek

    Very true Adobe, but this list wasn’t intended to show applications that are exclusive to the Mac, but rather a handy resource for new Macheads while also providing us wily veterans with a few new apps to try out.

    For what it’s worth I think AIR rocks!

  6. Tony

    Thanks for the Video application information. It was very helpful for me.


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  7. My Macbook Fund

    True, Adobe AIR rocks, it just a little more publicity so that developers get inspired to use it more.

    1. Adam Pieniazek

      Very true. I didn’t get the fuss about AIR but then once I interacted with it via TweetDeck immediately understood the hype.

  8. James

    I have been using to manage my personal finances for a few months now. Its the easiest to use free, offline personal finance manager I have seen so far.

  9. Stefanie

    I highly highly recommend iStat Pro. When I’ve had to bring my Macs into the Genius Bar, they actually look for iStat Pro. Every one of the geniuses I’ve talked to says they use it themselves.

    Not sure I’d recommend Cyberduck. It seems like a great program at first, but I’ve noticed that if using it for a long period of time without closing it out, it starts to slow down the computer. I ended up breaking down and buying an inexpensive FTP program to replace it.

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    1. Adam Pieniazek

      Yup, iStat Pro is a great way to quickly check out what’s going on with inside your computer. It’s also helped me realize how much more efficient Firefox 3 is, as the old Firefox would often hang and take up more than 100% of my cpu processing power!

      I try to restart my laptop every few days and make a habit of not leaving applications open all day but I do leave Cyberduck up for hours on end sometimes (for instance while downloading/uploading/backing up sites/servers [sometimes 10-15 sites at once] the lazy way rather than via the command line) and haven’t had any issues with it. I wonder if your slowdown was due to downloading a ton of data. I’ll try to really stress it out later today and see what happens but so far Cyberduck has been excellent for me. Out of curiosity, what program did you end up getting?

  10. Stefanie

    I’m glad I didn’t use Firefox before FF3, then, because I’m having soooo many problems with it!

    I don’t remember if I was using Cyberduck on my MBP, but I did use it when I had my other MacBook. I ended up buying Fetch ( )

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    1. Adam Pieniazek

      Really FF3 is really smooth for me…are you using Leopard? Somehow Leopard is faster than Tiger (which doesn’t quite make sense).

      Yup, I’ve heard of Fetch before. I just bookmarked though so if I do start having issues with Cyberduck I know where to turn!

  11. Jonny

    How to open media file (mp3/wav/etc…) by hitting space ?
    I saw it in new version of Mac OSX, but my version is still 10.4 and I found this function very handy

    thanks for tips

    1. Adam Pieniazek

      @Peter, yup the full version is not free but honestly all I need/use it for is creating bootable clones of my hard drive every so often. It’s useful if you think your hard drive is on the fritz or you need to send it to Apple for repairs.

      @Stefanie That’s odd. You should try clearing the cache, then deleting the Firefox preference files (.plist – this will delete your settings so make a backup first) and finally try to un-install and re-install Firefox 3. To be honest I spend 90% of my browsing time within Safari and only use FF when I want to stumble something or use a FF plugin.

      @Jonny, I’m scouring the web for a solution but it might be a Leopard only feature/app….I’ll shoot you an e-mail if I find anything.

  12. Peter Marmorek

    Superduper is great, and I love it dearly. But it is not free. You can get a limited version for free, but the full version (with scheduling, smart update, etc) costs $27.95.

  13. Stefanie

    I’m on Tiger, 10.5.6. Yeah I have lots of issues with FF freezing up, lagging, crashing… it’s driving me bananas! I’ve been so tempted to switch back to Safari…

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  14. Miro

    great collection.
    i like also this collection here
    enjoy it 😉

    1. Adam Pieniazek

      Nice collection Miro.

  15. Stefanie

    So I haven’t done what you suggested yet, Adam, because I’m lazy (hey, at least I admit it!) but I have noticed something. FF seems to only be freezing up since the latest update when my wifi connection disappears, which happens A LOT. I have to take my MBP to the genius bar again because it’s not my router and it’s not my internet (our other MacBook stays connected just fine). So I know it’s something to do with Airport on my MBP itself… but yeah, that seems to be the only times FF is having problems now. Once I disconnect and reconnect Airport, FF unfreezes.

    So yay! One problem seems to be resolved… although that does leave me with the Airport problem! It never ends!

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  16. George Packard

    I’m strictly a PC person myself, but have worked with Apple/Mac machines.

    A graphic artist friend swears by Mac, and every time my PC locks up he laughs about it!

    Oh well, maybe a Mac is in my future…

    1. Adam Pieniazek

      Have you tried Ubuntu? If I wasn’t on a Mac I’d be on Ubuntu. It’s easy enough to use that my mom has no issues with it and powerful enough for me to get anything done on it. It’s also a great OS for older computers since it runs more efficiently than Windows. Plus it’s free!

  17. Greg

    I use and adore OpenOffice and Skype (my favorite instant messenger, and I use it to call friends in Russia!) I haven’t tried most of the rest on the list, but I definately will. Thanks for the 411.

  18. Filmari Nunti

    Very nice and useful collection. Thanks from Romania 🙂

  19. MacKozer

    Nice collection 🙂 Good Job!

    greetings from Poland from Polish MacUser 🙂

  20. Jens P. Berget

    Awesome list. I'm using TextWranger, but also Smultron (a free alternative), both are great. Adium is also impressive.

    When it comes to RSS readers, I'm using NewsFire (free and perfect). Freemind is awesome when it comes to mind-mapping / taking notes.

  21. AdamPieniazek

    NewsFire looks intriguing and the price is right. I'm not too big on the mind mapping software but am downloading and installing Freemind right now, there's a few upcoming projects where it might come in very handy for pre-mockup type planning.

  22. Jens P. Berget

    Let me know how Freemind works out for you. I'm using it for the novel I'm writing.

  23. Filmare nunta

    speed Simple but powerful bittorrent client.

  24. Filmare nunta

    Filmare nunta – Great list of apps. thx 🙂