Article written by Adam

4 responses to “The Vin Diesel Formula for Whether You Should Proceed with Potentially Dangerous Technology”

  1. Jesse

    Yeah it can be kind of creepy with all the new technology. The idea of uncontrollable computers able to think for themselves and zombies doesn’t sound very tempting. although i don’t think there ever will be such thing as a zombie…. at least i hope so

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  2. Adam Pieniazek

    Jesse, I love new technology but we are starting to enter a few realms where databases are storing tons of information on us, perhaps too much information. What’s important is ensuring companies allow us to control that information.

    I don’t think we’ll ever have zombies either, but if I could choose I’d take zombies over uncontrollable sentient computer robots any day. Zombies are slow and stupid, robots/computers are tough, quick and smart.

  3. web designer mom

    for a moment there, i thought you were talking about vin diesel the movie star.

  4. Adam Pieniazek

    I was web mom. The formula basically looks to see if Vin Diesel (or at least the bad-ass characters he plays) could beat up ___insert dangerous technology___. If he could, we have nothing to worry about. But if he can’t…well, let’s just say it’s best that day never come.