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12 responses to “A New Name for an Old Blog”

  1. ADORE-Chester: A Digital Celebration of Dorchester | The Blog @ Directory of Boston

    […] Dorchester has a storied history and its residents are filled with Dot Pride. We’re Bostonians through and through, but we’re also proud to be from Dorchester and would have it no other way. To back up that statement, I’ve just gone ahead and re-titled my personal blog from Prose of a Pol to the much better Dot Boston. […]

  2. Jim Gaudet

    F’n perfect. Really. . Boston has good SEO for you as well, as I am assuming you would like Boston since it is probably one of you main keywords.

    1. Adam Pieniazek

      Yes. 🙂

  3. Ari Herzog

    I don’t like it.

    Your domain is dot adampieniazek, not dot boston.

    Why try to be something you’re not?

    1. Adam Pieniazek

      I see what you’re saying Ari, but I’m just not a fan of calling this site:

      Adam Pieniazek

      I don’t think domains have to necessarily be the site name, it helps with branding, but personally don’t think it’s an absolute.

      As for being something I’m not, well I am from Dot and Boston and proud of both affiliations and write about them here so IMO, it fits.

      Thanks for the feedback though, food for thought.

      P.S. Am inquiring about the domain.

      1. April

        I agree.

        Also I really like the new name… but to be fair, i did really like prose of a pol. It was just so you.

  4. Denver Engagement Photographer

    Sure why not…. only question is, besides this post, when I’m on this page I don’t see the name anywhere? I have a feeling I just have my stoopid hat on, but if you’re going to write a post about naming your blog, wouldn’t it be prudent to have it be more visible?

  5. Josh G

    I like it P.

  6. Man Over Board

    If you feel you need to change it, then by all means good for you. To me it's not all about the name, but whats inside of the blog, meaning great content. Good luck 🙂

  7. peritonealmesothelioma

    Yes, thats true. the important thing is, the great content, not the name.

  8. LTO-2

    Amm its ok

  9. ricky

    The name is also important almost as the contest