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  1. Can-Can

    I didn’t know about the Polish Triangle or that it was designated thus. I will check out Pollonia and Sugar Bowl. It’s funny how many of us adore the same things about our great big community.
    thanks for letting me know that Carpenter’s Hall is the name of the building that’s going up. I have been wondering what it was. Ditto about Dorchester being the birth place of Leonard Nimoy.

    1. Adam Pieniazek

      Yup, the designation was fairly recent ( I believe this year, or within the past year), but it’s appropriate, for some reason Polish people cluster to this little triangular space.

      I think we adore the same things because those are Dorchester’s strengths and likely the reason many Dot residents chose the area. Happy Adore-Chester day!

  2. Denver Engagement Photographer

    lol… i like the Leonard nimoy part… that’s a hilarious piece of trivia.

  3. netbet

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  4. whaleheadking

    Dorchester is a loveable place. Leonard Nemoy is from here. So is the man who played the scarecrow in the film version of the Wizard of Oz. So are many, many other people. The old Dot is home town to all sorts of folks you've never heard of who have made good. Thanks, Adam, for hitting the highlights. Dorchester, Dorchester, uber alles.

  5. Scarthingwell

    Leonard Nimoy – great the way these little bits of trivia leak out about a place. I'm just near the site of the bloodiest battle of the English civil war !

  6. AdamPieniazek


  7. smith6237

    Looks like an interesting place & about it,s history & architecture aspect & definitely the polish triangle will be a proper part of history.

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  9. teendudes

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  10. LTO-2

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