Article written by Adam

7 responses to “My iPhone Died”

  1. Justin

    That sucks to hear. I know how much of a drag it is to go without a cellphone. On a good note, Apple is really good with their customer service. Just take it in to the “Genius Bar” and tell them what is happening and they should issue a new one. If they try and tell you otherwise, tell them you read a bunch of forums about the same issues and how Apple replaced them with a new one.

    The only downside, is I noticed the new phone is only under warranty until the old one was supposed to expire. So what are we supposed to do when this happens 5 or 6 months down the road? Give Apple another 300 bucks, I sure hope not…

  2. Anonymous

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  3. Casey

    I finally broke down and got my first ever iPhone. Now that it can get my email from Outlook (and my Verizon contract was up), I could justify the cost. I purchased the extended warranty just in case quirky stuff like that happens, though! Maybe I’m a sucker for paying an extra $70… but I don’t want any issues in case I have an issue.

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  4. Justin Wright

    @ Casey

    I don’t think it is a waste of money. Adam and I have both had issues already with our phones. Luckily, mine was under warranty when it happened. But since then, my warranty has now expired. I have my fingers crossed it doesn’t happen again.