Article written by Adam

10 responses to “Beautiful Global Collaborative Covers by Street Musicians”

  1. Odzysk Danych

    Woah this was amazing! Those street bands are great – not only are they working for a little to no money, they’re also working in pretty annoying conditions.

  2. digital media degree

    What a great video! It really did make me smile on this rainy Chicago morning.

  3. Cindy @ Chicago Hospital

    Great videos, I especially enjoy the ‘One Love’ one. Such a wonderful and peaceful song. I like the idea of peace through music, I have to check out that documentary.


  4. April

    nice find!!!

  5. musica

    wow, really great videos. thanks a lot

  6. Adam Pieniazek

    Glad you all enjoyed the videos as much as I did. Powerful stuff. Make sure you check out the documentary revolving around these videos.

  7. background check

    Wow, these are some great vids. This reminds me of the nearly limitless amount of great music in the world, oh so little time, so much music.

  8. Roselyn | Nuviderm Tattoo Removal

    These are very cool vids. I like watching and listening to these street musicians because what they give is genuine. No lipsynching, no mixing or whatever. Their music is pure and crystal-clear. Really very talented. Thank you for sharing them with us. 🙂

  9. Isaac Yassar

    I agree with Roselyn. I play electric guitar and it is very exciting when I play with a band and each of the musical instruments has only a simple speakers. No huge sound out speaker and mixer. It is so original, like those vids.

  10. Musical Instruments

    Thanks for all the awesome videos…really like the one love and stand by me videos but the war,no more trouble has to be my favorite.