Article written by Adam

9 responses to “Gmail Thinks Google Alerts is Spam?!?”

  1. Marcus Hochstadt

    Hehehe, yeah I was surprised myself the other day when I found a Google Alert in their own Spam folder… 😀

    Indeed worth a screen shot.


  2. virtual millenium

    That’s a good one 😀

    I try to do the same in hotmail, marking their ads and anouncements emails as spam but I still get them in the mail box 🙁

  3. blargumentor

    I thought I’d never get to say this, but.. stupid google. PS, how come you’re using safari? Firefox beta is sweet..

  4. Assa Fetyia

    Me too, but I need the alerts. What can be done about it?

  5. Assa Fetyia

    Thanks Adam. Seems to be working.