Article written by Adam

6 responses to “20 Mac Applications I Just Deleted”

  1. Brad - Personal Blog Tips And Blog Help

    I have Windows XP. Looking back, I probably would of gotten a Mac.. But I have found so many different XP programs that are exceptional (Notepad++ for coding, Microsoft Office for text documents & slideshows), I’m really happy with the computer I have.

    Nevertheless, My “All Programs” takes up my entire screen and I should probably clean some of it up 🙂

  2. Matt

    I’m an Ubuntu guy. I’ve been 100% linux for a few years now. I’m not saying its better in all areas but I never have to pay for any upgrades or programs (other than games) and it is so much faster for me to get work done its not even funny.

    All I have to say is for the Microsoft fans: Vista LOL!

  3. colleen

    Yikes, I was thinking of replacing my Windoze laptop for a Mac when it dies (My desktop of course is Ubuntu and I totally won’t use Vista) but dude this is a foreign language. And I used to DEVELOP for Mac!