Article written by Adam

10 responses to “R.I.P. Joan “Superman” Duran”

  1. Natalia Gaibor

    Thank you for writing up this piece for Joan. I truly appreciate it. Joan is THE KINDEST, MOST GENUINE I know. I am proud to call him my best friend. No war is worth all the precious lives that have been lost.

  2. andrea siva (Joans girlfriend)

    Thank you for writing this, its beautiful. Im feel so priveledged to be the one to have loved him and spent the rest of his life with him. He was an amazing guy and boyfriend, and ill love him forever!

    thanks again

  3. Remy Pena

    My Best Friend ..Since i remmber back in 1989. One of a Kind..Superman Forever….As my days go bye i know Natalia & Me Cry when songs are play ether on the radio or on the Tv.. Man ..Your my Hero alway!!!!
    Piece OUTSIDE like you always Said.. MY Ninja.

  4. maria

    I’m a senior at BLS and I’m writing an article in the Argo about Joan. I googled his name to find pictures of him and came across your blog, and I was wondering if I could use some of your pictures for the article. I found through researching about him that he really was an amazing guy, and I’m really sorry to everyone for your loss.

  5. Raymond

    i miss &nd LOVE YOU BiG BRO !
    one year &nd 2mOnths w. OUT YOU !
    i wish yu can bee hear TO help me w.
    my MATH like you did back in the day
    i LOVE YOU an MiSS YOU BRO !
    Rest in Peace “/

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