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24 responses to “Tweetdeck on the iPhone”

  1. Ernmander

    I think they have over complicated a simple process. I think it is clumsy looking. Twittelator Pro is far more capable.

    The good thing about TweetDeck it is free, and knowing Ian (the creator) he will improve on the product.

    1. Adam Pieniazek

      Hmm, I see it the complete opposite way. To me, Tweetdeck is a simplification of the process. Instead of having to switch between multiple accounts/windows, you just flick left to right and vice versa. I can see how if someone set up a bunch of columns it would make it tough to navigate, but for my 3 twitter accounts with a few columns each Tweetdeck is simpler to bounce back and forth between windows.

      That’s what I love about the Twitter community. There’s developers like Ian making one style of app and other developers making completely different styles. Having options is nice!

  2. @SarahMerion

    This is a great review of Tweetdeck, Adam! Thanks for the rundown – now I have to run and download it 🙂

    1. Adam Pieniazek

      No problem Sarah, hope you enjoy it. It’s becoming my primary twitter iPhone app fast.

  3. @DanGut

    What a great app! I enjoyed how simply delivers powerful capabilities. Thanks Adam for the review.

    1. Adam Pieniazek

      On point Dan. Everything seems to be accessible with couple flicks or touches. Finding it very simple to use and fast.

  4. iwan setiawan

    fresh information, it make me in hurry to try it

  5. nino

    tweetdeck rocks….thumbs up…

  6. Peach @WorkAtHomeReport

    This makes me want to get TweetDeck. 😀

  7. Sean

    any idea why they did not include trends?

    1. Adam Pieniazek

      My guess would be they either focused on the other aspects first, or it was a data/bandwidth/processing concern.

  8. @hagoleshet

    How do you navigate between accounts on the iPhone app?

    1. Adam Pieniazek

      You have to add new columns. When you add new columns (replies, DMs etc), they’ll be for your other accounts. Then you can flick left to right and vice versa to navigate through the multiple accounts.

      See their info page for multiple accounts.

  9. laptop guide

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  10. Evan

    Nice review. I went and tried it out, and I’ve had the crashes, too. I’ll keep checking in on updates for it, using Twitterfon as my main app in the meantime, but I could see myself switching when it gets more stable, since it does much more than Twitterfon.

    1. Adam Pieniazek

      Yup, it’s especially unstable on the 2G network. I get lots of unable to connect because of a weak connection errors, but when it does work it rocks so much that I still have it as my go-to app, with Tweetie as a fallback. Nice to have options. 🙂

      Hoping when I pick up the 3GS and a new update comes out many of these issues go away.

  11. Christina Hills

    Thanks to @mjcarter for telling me about this blog post. I have been wanting this app for a long time now.

    Love the screen shots!

    -Christina Hills

  12. cruise

    very very nice i have been waiting for this app so i can use to get on my twitter account from my brand new iphone =)

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  14. Barry Wheeler

    I wish that I could get an iPhone. Man, it sucks to be in an area that doesn’t allow the technology!

  15. Gokkasten

    Never heard of it before, just installed it and twittering away! Thanks!

  16. Graham Wellington

    Now I MUST buy an iPhone!

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    Great post, now i will buy one iPhone 😀

  18. Fruitautomaten

    Still don’t have the Iphone… just isnt my thing. I hate Twittering as well? Maybe I was born in the wrong century!