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5 responses to “Three Cool Products from Mass Innovation #3”

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    […] up is Adam with his blog post “Three Cool Products that Caught My Eye.”  I also have to give Adam credit for his hysterical tweet about the event.   It’s […]

  2. FadiPick

    I want one papershow but I wish it is cheaper.

    Cool inventions.

    1. Adam Pieniazek

      $199.99 seems like a fair price for the product, comes with the USB dongle, pen with camera, and pad of paper. Software is embedded in USB so can use on any laptop.

  3. Jim Gaudet

    I am definitely liking the IBM one. I have too many other sites like Chatterbox to want to try something new. Just not using any of them

  4. Searching101

    IBM’s World Computing Grid is very effective, and I’ve looked at the whitepapers regarding the system and it appears to be sufficiently stable, and scalable too.