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  1. Ryan Goff

    Hey man,

    Thanks for your comment on my Qtrax review.

    I just gave RedZee a try. I’ve got to say that I love the scrolling view. People are really taking to that form of content organization.

    Also, the mascot is a really nice touch. It’s something so small, but I’m digging the the animated, goofy giraffe.

    I guess the only downside I can see to the screen views is the load time associated with it. It took me around 5-10 seconds to do a search that I knew would generate a lot of results. I guess I’ve been so accustomed to the fast paced nature of searching that it was weird to regress.

    Thanks again, and talk to you soon.


  2. bennie

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  4. George

    Hi – The one problem with using the site is that the top 3 spots are sponsored links. So the top 3 spots are not necessarily the most relevant. I bought 3 keywords for and one just ran out. One keyword I still have is “Natural Calm”, try it, my site will be number one on that search 33% of the time. Just don’t click on it there, unless you are genuinely interested as it will cost me $0.10.

  5. caca

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  6. caca

    omg i take it back this is the best page ever keep up the good work u guys have just beaten google end ask