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  1. Paunchiness

    While I agree with your politics I think this election is far to important to lose to the republicans. I’d normally be right there with you but this time I’m going to have to vote solidly against McCain and his crazy lady.

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  3. Okla Elliott

    I fully agree — and I live in OH. I don’t care. I’m done pretending that the Democrats (who voted for wars and the Patriot Act and the FISA bill and Defense of Marriage Act) are any different.

    I am proud to be voting for Nader/Gonzalez.

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  5. TauCan62

    I’m all for closing corporate tax loopholes, but some smaller corporations depend on those to exist. In addition, there’s nothing to stop a corporation from outsourcing to cheap foreign labor if they can’t get a tax break here. If Nader can address these issues, then by all means. It’t a lot more complicated than just closing the loopholes.

    I’m going with Bob Barr myself.

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  6. Alli

    Hi, my partner and I will be voting for Mr. Nader here in Indiana. We are doing so based on the four areas of agreement presented by Mr. Nader and Dr. Paul during their joint interview on “The Situation Room”.

    Reclaim the Republic!


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  7. Brett

    There will be votes for Nader/Gonzalez from Texas too. The 3rd party candidates are the only people to have shown a true concern for the people and the issues. Does anyone else have a hard time following hockey mom and average joe spiels? I agree, the R’s and D’s are just “McSame”. I won’t vote for a “lesser evil” and I refuse to settle.

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  9. Will

    As a young citizen I can’t say that I know very much about the improvement or decline of personal life over the past 30 years, however in this time of out of control debt and failure to accept personal responsibility on the part of the banking system and the whole host of other issues that face our country.
    I believe that the time for true change is upon us, as Thomas Jefferson once said “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” I don’t believe that we must literally kill the tyrants or that patriots must give up their lives. Ralph Nader is a shining example of this sentiment working tirelessly for nearly the past 50 years in order to repair this broken democracy, not by causing more pain and suffering put by the tools granted to us by our founding fathers.
    I believe that Ralph Nader is the candidate that most accurately represents my views and it is for that reason that I have already cast my absentee ballot for Nader/Gonzalez 2008
    Democracy was once envisioned as a government for, by, and of the people. Perhaps one day we shall see that realized.

  10. Will

    I like you live in a state that will with out question be in the Obama column, but imagine if you lived in Ohio, Florida, or any of the host of states that are closely contested. Would you still have the same conviction of your choice? I don’t pretend that the rule we live under today is democratic, as one person one vote is clearly not the case.
    I would also like to amend my previous post as after reading your comments I do realize some of the resent turmoil and strife has effected me personally.
    And as far as my Thomas Jefferson quote is concerned I in no way am advocating military revolution, however I do believe that perhaps with an intellectual revolution this country might return to the principles of it’s great leaders and begin to flourish once more.
    Finally I meant to say Democracy of, by, and for not for, by and of but I believe that the point still was made.

  11. pds

    Nader is the man! Always has been!

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  12. Allison

    Hi Adam, a friend of mine just told me her company just finished a survey here in Indiana that listed “3rd Parties” as receiving 8% in the Presidential horserace question.

    Unfortunately, the lock the Demopublicans have on the electorate may indeed leave our Republic in shambles. Cornering the conversation and stifling dissent is most surely dangerous.

    Be well.

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  15. Tony Lee

    Heck, why not vote for Ralph and Matt?

    Look what we’ve had to work with for the past two decades!
    Perhaps Ralph and Matt might, for once, keep a campaign promise…

    1. Adam Pieniazek

      We don’t have anything to lose. Let me say though that so far, Obama is doing an OK job. He’s not doing great but he’s not doing terribly and at least that’s an improvement. Baby steps people, baby steps!