Article written by Adam

6 responses to “My Instant Runoff Voting Ballot”

  1. April

    this is an idea i could get behind.

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  2. Susan

    A novel idea. Although, I’m glad you endorsed Obama!

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  3. Terry Bouricius

    IRV is already winning adoption in the U.S. My own city of Burlington (VT) has used it since 2006. We convinced the Democrats in the legislature to pass an IRV bill for statewide federal elections (unfortunately the Republican governor vetoed it).

    IRV is a very important pro-democracy election reform. No voting method is perfect, but political scientists and voting method experts widely agree that the plurality winner-take-all voting method generally used in the U.S. is the worst of all. IRV eliminates the “spoiler” problem, and opens the door to multiple choices and parties, broadening and strengthening political debate. IRV also has a real chance to gain widespread use in the U.S. (unlike some other pet election reform methods that have a tiny group of Internet supporters), and just yesterday was adopted by Memphis (TN).

    Folks can learn more about IRV at

  4. Adam Friedman

    Adam and friends –

    Your great idea noted here will soon spring to life. There is a coalition forming to get the IRV question on the ballot for the next election! Jill Stein of the Green Party, and several other organizations are building our petition drive capacity as we speak. And we just filed our papers yesterday. We will have September to December to get enough signatures. We are building up our activist base now. Please email me as soon as possible so we can discuss this further. Definitely dig your passion for the issue and look forward to connecting!