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13 responses to “I Endorse Barack Obama (but I’m voting for Nader-Gonzalez)”

  1. V

    “you should vote for Barack Obama because he is eloquent, charismatic, and well liked by the global community.”

    Then perhaps he should enter the next Miss Universe contest.

    I DENOUNCE Barack Obama and John McCain AND I’m voting for Nader-Gonzalez.

    From the swing state of Florida.

  2. Timothy Immel

    THinking back, in the last election, Nader told people that voting for him would be as good as a vote for Bush. Ralph Nader is a sham. Yet another reason McCain WILL succeed. Every vote for Nader takes away crucial votes for any other candidate. Yes it would be awesome to get a third party in the electoral process (i.e. – debates) but the chance that Nader will get a 5% vote to make his party recognized by the government and be able to take part in the process is slim to none. If you truly are an Obama supporter, I urge you to vote for him, EVERY VOTE COUNTS. Telling yourself, “It’s okay, Obama has this in the bag.”, sounds like a big ole ball of what the republicans want you to think. Wise up America, think for yourselves and stop listening to every 30-minute pundit that has some grand idea. I assure you this much, no matter the outcome of the elections, they (read: pundits) will have a job and money to afford their cost of living. . will you?

  3. April

    An unpopular opinion, I know but I think George W. Bush was too high a price to pay for Nader to try (and fail) to get the green party recognized. Due to the current predicament that this country is in, McCain is as well.

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  4. April

    I have to disagree. That fact that he received almost 3% of the vote puts him more than the Green Bay packers routing in the Giants from the stands. It would be like Green Bay sending in a players when one of the giants got hurt. 3%, although not according to government, is in the viably in the game in my opinion.

    A viable 3rd party is necessary but lets not pretend that it does not exist. Gore would not have received the entire 3%. Some people jsut don’t like him, but the truth is a vote for Nadar, at least in 2000 was a vote for the environment and a vote for Gore was also a vote for the environment. Nadar, in my opinion, was like a less moderate Gore. In an election that close… 1.5% could have helped.

    I think third parties need to make MORE of a showing on the state level before taking on the presidential level. If your mayor and State Senator were Green then an average citizen might vote in a Green President. But they aren’t, they wont, and they take more liberal votes. Im not anti-3rd party, i think the price being paid is to high because of poor planning.

    Aprils last blog post..I Can’t Get Back on Track. HELP!

  5. April

    oh you see i can and i do.

    understand my blaming nadar does not mean i do not also blame the democrats more. i blame everyone. (Also greatest citizen? spin me another one)

    i am an angry person.

    be a campaign manager. When you start a business you don’t open a location in every town of every state – you start local, build a big base and move forward. it takes patience. who forgot to clue in the 3rd parties?

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  6. Adam Pieniazek

    So, you blame Democrats but you’re voting for a Democrat?

    Blame me too when I run for Mayor of Boston please!


    I truly believe Nader is one of the greatest citizens we’ve ever seen. Key emphasis here is on citizen, he’s enacted more positive legislation than many career politicians.

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  7. Adam Pieniazek

    But yes April, I agree with you that this third party movement starts local and Nader and the other third party candidates do have local movements going, and starting tomorrow they’re switching their focus back to the local movements. You must admit running for president is a good way to also bring focus on the local movements and expose the whole country to the issues so that they’ll be more willing to vote for a third party on the local level.

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  8. April

    im voting democrat because i want to make damn sure a democrat is picking out supreme court PARTICULARLY because out south dakota (FUCKING AGAON. I am considering burning south dakota to the ground. it was a pain in my ass for the last 6 years). im not sure i even like the democrats anymore.. but i want them picking my justices. fucking south dakota.

    It amy bring attention but its also a massive waste of money in my view. start small build up.

    also mayor huh? when.

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