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9 responses to “Chuck Baldwin vs. Ralph Nader – Presidential Debate Tonight!”

  1. News from our Members | The 42nd Estate

    […] up, Adam (me) wants you to know that there is a presidential debate tonight. The debate features Chuck Baldwin of the Constitutional party facing off against Ralph Nader of […]

  2. Justin Wright

    Sounds interesting. Unfortunetly my 12 inch television with bunny ears lacks the ability to catch cspan waves…

    I think it would have been a great idea for Nader/Paul to use the cash they piled up to get a debate going. Sure beats the crap debates we are stuck watching.

    Justin Wrights last blog post..An Interview With Tim Ferriss

  3. Travis Maddox

    If you don’t have cable you can watch and hear it on . They are airing it on the web.

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    […] wait any longer, we must begin Proletariat Power right here, right now. As you may have heard, two third party candidates will hold a debate tonight, starting in less than two hours in Washington D.C. The debate between Constitutional candidate […]

  5. Tom

    PASS IT ON!:

    this gets the word to others

  6. favorites

    Hopefully people will think before they vote