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17 responses to “Got a Business Card? Help Set a World Record!”

  1. Dereck Coatney

    This is pretty cool. I don’t have any, but I can get some. Will let you know when I do. 🙂

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    […] over at my personal blog, check out this record setting attempt for the largest business card collection. If you have a business card make sure to send it to Sophie and help her set a Guiness World […]

  3. Suzanne Bird-Harris | vAssistant Services

    Adam what a great idea! It was almost as shocking for me to lick a stamp as it was for you to receive snail mail, I’m sure! But my business cards are on their way to her so she’s 2 closer to her goal.

    Suzanne Bird-Harris | vAssistant Servicess last blog post..Project Powerful and Positive

  4. Raj Krishnaswamy

    Never thought collecting business cards would be such a fun thing. Also, what is the current record held and by whom? A crazy thought. Does Sophie share with you the best card collected; in other words that of a high ranking official and such? Just thought might be interesting to know. Thank you.

  5. carla

    I have a handfull you can have! Great idea.

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  6. Sophie Grossman

    Wow, thanks for this! I’m honestly kind of surprised that people were so impressed by my thank-you notes, you’re not the first person to tell me that apparently nobody writes them anymore.

    In response to everybody else, Guinness is currently being reluctant to add new entries of collections, they’re now just looking for non-collecting feats (which I think is lame). However, this is definitely not stopping me from continuing to collect cards, partly because I want to change their mind and mostly just because I think it’s really really fun.

    And Adam, yours really really is one of the best I have. Creative and intriguing!

    Thanks to everybody who read this is and is sending me cards (yes, you’ll get a note 🙂 ) and thanks again to Adam for this shoutout!

    Sophie Grossman

  7. Clem Gigliotti Jr. - Power On The Web

    I make it a habit of writing notes and mailing them, and I have for several years now. I do this for exactly the obvious reason…no one else does!

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  8. charlotte

    i collect buisness cards 2! i have 428 so far but i just started over the summer

  9. shiitake

    Cool idea, I have been collecting biz cards for a long time but I never thought to go after the record.

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  10. Buck Thompson

    Very interested reasons you have regarding the business cards. Never thought collecting business cards would be such a fun thing. Also, what is the current record held and by whom? A crazy thought.

  11. van sales

    I like the idea of Sophie still using the snail mail. I wish someone would send me a snail mail these days. Reminds me of the days of scented cards and handwritten hellos. It is becoming a quaint custom and part of me is saddened that we are seeing the end of this culture. A snail mail would eventually get into the list of ancient collectibles, I guess.

  12. Sophie Grossman

    Well, if you send me a card or two, I can guarantee you a piece of mail! 🙂

    And to Suzanne, did you get my note?

  13. Essential Oils

    I’m all for the petition. Id sign it, if she took the time to collect all those cards and it does take considerable effort to get 5k, I think we should pitch in and help her.

    If not we can create the AdamPieniazek Book of World Records and put her on the cover!

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