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6 responses to “Declaration of Independence 2.0”

  1. lestro

    Right back at ya. Excellent post.
    I was considering a similar tact myself and now i don’t have to as you have covered it.

  2. Chris Williams

    This is hard. I totally agree with everything you say here. But we went so long with a huge majority supporting everything Mad King George did.

    Now it is turning around, but it is too late for so many families.

    Check out the diary I posted on Daily Kos today –

    It is great that the Karmic wheel is finally turning back around, but there is plenty of pain out there for the people who waited for so long.


  3. cole

    This is both amusing and eye opening!

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    Yeah, this is all accurate and I have been thinking about doing something like this for some time, so I am in complete agreement…But while you were updating the thing, you couldn’t change “men” to people and “Indian Savages” to something else?

    Let’s think progressively across the board, peeps, not just in terms of social class or war opposition!!