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10 responses to “How I Quit Smoking In Less Than One Minute And You Can Too! Part 1”

  1. Justin

    Lookign forward to the rest of this series. My girlfriend is quitting as we speak and it’s getting tough. I sent this link over to her in hopes it would help. 🙂

  2. Duane Brown

    I need to read a few articles like this. Respiratory Test tech showed me the numbers of most likely being disabled within ten years unless quit. That was a year ago. time’s running out.

  3. Mr Article

    That picture made my day! The only time i ever smoked in my life was when i was like 12 years old and when my mother found out i got grounded for 2 weeks straight so as you can guess, i haven’t touched a smoke since!

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  4. Get Rid Of Man Boobs

    Its the subtle inbtroduction of cigarettes that can be so tough. You’re not hooked, just the odd smoke when you really want one. Then suddenly one day you run out and its like your life is over and you think – ooops, it wasn’t meant to be like this! You then take years wondering what happened before finding the motivation to quit. But cold turkey, dude?! Kudos!!!

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  5. shubhranshu

    The title of your write-up is itself an eye-opener for many who make excuses for not quitting smoking despite knowing that it is harming them. Inspiring and helping people in quitting smoking is a praise worthy social work.

  6. peter sparke

    wow what a collection fo information! do you have any more quit smoking stuff?

  7. steve

    bad boy not smoking and then started at least you kicked it so good luck and great read.