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13 responses to “World Exclusive First Review: The Bonfire’s A-Roid Cocktail”

  1. Justin Wright

    Haha that drink looks awesome. I can’t say I have ever had a shot that involves using a syringe lol.

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  2. Adam Pieniazek

    It’s certainly unique Justin. I’ll have to buy you a round of A-Roid cocktails when/if you’re in Boston.

  3. shubhranshu

    I had been to this place recently but this was not on their menu card. Thanks for sharing valuable information, I will definitely try it.

    1. Adam Pieniazek

      Will you be there for Red Sox opening day? If so, looking forward to seeing you there shubhranshu!

  4. CarpetFrog

    That Matsusake looks amazing, I absolutely positively have to try one of those. Bostons a fair drive for me, but I’m thinking of making the trip in the summer. I’ll definitely put this one down on my list.

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    1. Adam Pieniazek

      It was quite good. I wonder how much of it was the TyKu sake being very good and how much of it was the skill of the bartender mixing the drink, I’ll have to try the TyKu sake straight up next time for a good comparison. Hit me up when you’re in town and we can grab a drink!

      Refreshing is the perfect word to describe it! The syringe only holds the chaser and they let you keep the syringe so it’s not like they’re re-using the same syringe for everyone.

  5. byme

    oh that is very delicious brother
    byme nice artikel

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  6. TonyJohnson

    Matsusake sounds like a really refreshing, flavorful drink. I’m gonna have to mix that concoction sometime soon.

    Not sure how I feel about a shot in a syringe…sounds a bit dirty.

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    […] “…For fans wishing to only drink Red Sox beverages, rather than anti-Yankees drinks, there’s also the Matsusake, which is TY KU junmai ginjo sake, shiso, cucumber & sour mix served with crushed ice. My buddy and I agreed, it was a very tasty drink. The cucumbers match the smooth rice wine well and if you’re not careful this concoction can get downed quickly…” – […]

  8. Mandy


  9. VM

    Sounds good!

  10. PoloWoods

    LOL! I love the idea of baseball themed cocktails. I’m definitely not a tequila man though. I would probably end up with the TYKU Matsusake drink!

  11. elrigby

    Am gasping for a drink now and wish i had the Bonfires accross the road! 🙂 Did you go to their opening on the 6th? Were there any other surprises?