Article written by Adam

15 responses to “The Environmentally Damaging City of Boston Recycling Program”

  1. todd from talking dynamics

    Canada inst that far away from Boston, just a train and truck away.

    better than it coming from china.

  2. Adam H

    My thought is usually that if something is cheaper, it probably had less input of resources. Whether those inputs be material, land, labor, or transport costs. But, our roads are socialized, so….

    Sometimes the extra costs of environmental action are only justified by the feel-good effect, even if they are a net burden on the environment.

    But, you are in Boston. You know no reasable policy is ever created there. (I spent a year in the People’s Republic of Cambridge, the least liberal place I’ve ever lived, and I mean liberal in the literal sense.)

  3. Anonymous

    Get a life

  4. mike

    Get a Life Yank.

    Canada ROCKS and is CLEAN.

  5. heather

    mike –
    i think adam actually DOES have a life, and thats why he cares to write about important matters such as recycling. nowhere did he say anything negative about canada except that its far away from boston. and thus, i think YOU need to get a life.

    adam – do you mind if i use this idea for a minor research paper i’m doing on the boston recycling program? let me know, thanks 🙂

  6. Adam Pieniazek

    Thanks for clarifying to mike, heather. I was quite confused by the pro-Canada people being so upset by this post, if anything I imply that Canada > Boston, at least for recycling.

    For sure you can use the idea for your paper. I’d be curious as to how it turns out, perhaps you could send me a copy?

    Good luck!


  7. heather

    the only problem i forsee with sharing my paper is that its for my spanish 2 class so it’ll be in spanish for the entirety! bablefish here we come… =)

  8. Adam Pieniazek

    Ah, pero hablo espanol un poco.

    Hehe…be careful with babelfish, it’s not that accurate!

  9. Mark

    I totally agree with our necessity for more self sufficiency in Massachusetts and America as a whole.

    Most people don’t know that Canada is the United States largest trading partner. They have considerable manufacturing capacity in many different industries, from forest products, to plastics and machinery. We import more oil from Canada than Saudi Arabia.

  10. Rosanne

    Hi Adam – I am wondering if you ever did send that letter, and what was the response from the city? Or maybe it is posted elsewhere and I missed it?
    thanks, Rosanne

    “I’ll have to send off a letter to the City of Boston agency responsible for the bins and try and get a concrete reasoning behind this whole situation. It’s strange how a place like Cambridge is labeled liberal but is almost militaristically liberal (be our kind of liberal or else sort of mentality). My neighborhood of Dorchester seems much more liberal in the literal sense than Cambridge, we have tons and tons of diversity and respect all kinds of viewpoints whereas it seems Cambridge shuns all but a certain brand of liberalism. Of course I’m biased, having lived in Dorchester the majority of my life, it’s my favorite part of Boston.”

  11. Anonymous

    Your iphone came from China. That is a little bit further than Canada.

    1. Adam Pieniazek

      True anon, but no one is claiming that my iPhone is environmentally friendly. A recycling box on the other hand explicitly implies environmental friendliness.