Article written by Adam

3 responses to “Panelist on Tonight’s Pokin’ Holes Podcast by DART Boston”

  1. Ryan

    I’ve heard of dm Designs. I’m sort of in the same boat as them except much smaller =)

  2. Dave Brown

    That should be interesting. I think it’s so weird to think of exit strategies, for me personally, I feel like my business is like another child. I definitely don’t want to give it up. And if I did want to give it up, nobody would take over a photography business unless the name changed, and lots of other things.

    1. Adam Pieniazek

      Same here Dave. I’ve often told people that if I were to win the lottery today, not much would change. Aside from taking a vacation or two, I’d keep doing what I’m doing now. I’d hire a few people and buy/rent a swanky office, but otherwise it would be business as usual.

      The feeling that your business is like a child sums it up perfectly.