Article written by Adam

14 responses to “In Support of the South Street Diner”

  1. Jim Gaudet

    Is this place famous in any way? I feel like I have seen it in movies..

    I love diners…

    1. Adam Pieniazek

      Sure is Jim. It was recently in 21 with Kevin Spacey. From their site:

      “The Diner has also been featured in numerous feature films, including: Hiding Out with John Cryer; Second Sight with John Laroquette; House Guest with Steve Martin; and The Blue Diner for PBS.”

      1. Jim Gaudet

        I knew I had just seen it! I just watched 21 a couple months ago, going to watch it again now..

        1. Justin Wright

          I just that movie again a few weeks ago and now that I think about it the diner does look familiar. No wonder!

    2. Adam Pieniazek

      Oh, and it’s also used as the icon for Boston in one of London’s airports.

  2. Dave Brown

    To really be a world class city you HAVE to have diners that are open at all hours of the night. I think in a lot of ways it distinguishes cities from being just run of the mill towns to real metropolises.

    1. Adam Pieniazek

      Agreed. Right now we’re a world class city by day, and by night practically non-existent.

      When I lived in Chapel Hill, North Carolina we had an all night, all day, year round restaurant and there were tons of Waffle Houses and other places open 24 hours. If a small college town in North Carolina can do it and handle it, why not Boston?

      1. Dave Brown

        I totally agree with that. That’s one thing i love about san fransisco you can get food at any time of the hour…. and man is there some great food.

  3. Boss Dollar

    Great info! I will try go to there!
    Ok! 🙂

  4. Jef

    Someone needs to start a save the diner movement.

  5. Ventrilo

    Good post. Yes, I agree they should not close the diner and there is some history there too. Did they try to find someone to invest there? If it closed, this is really sad.

  6. cigarettes

    That’s a shame about the diner…it looks like one of those establishments that’s been there for years. How long has it been there? Atlanta went through one of the same processes, where a lot of it’s old landmark buildings were torn down in favor of putting up new gleaming towers…all in the name of progress.

  7. Scarthingwell

    I don’t even live in the same country but I think it shouldn’t be made to close at 2am. If ever I come to Boston I hope it’ll still be there and open all night.

  8. Jacob Federolo

    That diner looks so familiar.