Article written by Adam

9 responses to “Dorchester Boston Apartment for Rent – $1600 – 3 bedrooms”

  1. Stefanie

    Now I can stalk you mwahaha.

    Just kidding πŸ˜€

    Although I would much prefer Boston over St. Screwus.

  2. Adam Pieniazek


    Of course you could have stalked me before Stefanie, my facebook is pretty open and i’m listed in public directories…I try to be as accommodating as possible to my stalkers.


    St. Screwus…haha, never heard it called that before!

  3. France rentals

    Dorchester Boston Apartment are great but rent of 1600$ is really big amount Un affordable, hope to stay once there

  4. Tony Lee

    Hello Adam,

    I know this post is quite a few months ago, but I’m just curious, did it get rented?

    Tony Lees last blog post..FANTASY by Britney Spears 3.3 / 3.4 Women’s EDP Perfume

  5. Adam Pieniazek

    $1600 is actually about the going rate for my neighborhood, France. It is expensive but it’s in Boston, which is one of the most expensive places to live.

    Tony, it did get rented out. πŸ™‚ Thanks for asking.

  6. elrigby

    Hey, cant believe i got here so late and that flat got rented out! A friend of mine is moving to Boston next month! Hope he’ll be able to find smth nice and affordable…

  7. Peter Suchcicki

    Hi Adam,

    I was wondering if you knew of any other places for rent in the polish triangle. Two of my buddies and I are trying to move to the triangle and we are all Polish.



  8. Adam Pieniazek

    Hi Peter,

    Unfortunately I’m not sure of any other apartments that are looking for renters right now. Though there should be lots of openings coming up in the Polish Triangle area (or close to it), as the college students will likely be moving around soon.

    There is a ton of real estate agencies around here though. Check out the google map of the area with real estate agencies marked.

    Of course, craigslist is another great resource. Best of luck!

  9. HouseMaster

    Your apartment looks very nice and the location ain't bad at all. I think that your problem will be solved quite fast and easy.
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