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  1. Brad

    Nice article and congrats on your first time being published!

  2. Very Evolved

    Read your article – I like your writing style. I’m sure that won’t be the last article you’ll publish!


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  3. azeemi

    Nice article in my opinion you are not a simple writer. Why you don’t write anything from your deep feelings. I guess you done that more and more beautiful with your feelings.

  4. Dubai

    Good writing nice article congrats on Publishing it.

  5. Alex | Secure VPN

    What it takes from person to get published on some magazine ? Can a simple guy can do that ?:)

  6. Setai

    Nice article. It doesn’t really look like it’s the first article of you.
    How long have you been in Boston? You have Polish surname or am I wrong?

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    nice article man.. thanks

  8. music man

    That is a grand achievement to have an article published. And to have it go to creating awareness of a worthy cause is even more of an ego booster. Great job

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  9. Catherine | Natures Sunshine Store

    Wow! congratulations. You are very good in writing. Keep on writing quality articles… I’ll check for some more updates. Good luck!

  10. Chelle

    It’s always exciting to see something you write “in print”. Sounds like a great cause, and definitely one worth learning more about it and sharing with others!

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  11. Jones

    Keep up the good work, you have a very good tone in the stuff you write.

  12. Phil - Nashville Wedding Photographer

    Hey, checked our your Momentum article, great work. I am trying to figure out how to get my articles picked up in some local publications. Were you “picked” or was it submitted? Great work!

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  13. Aurelius Tjin

    Thanks for the heads up! I enjoyed reading your very insightful post. πŸ™‚

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    Wow, what a great article you have. You must have been proud of yourself for making such a mark on Momentum Magazine. More Power!

  15. Tina - Tattoo Removal

    Wow, congratulations! That one step towards fame….(grin) You are now a certified professional article writer.

  16. dheeru

    Great achievement and over all a great article. Congrats man.

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  17. Neha

    Hey congrats! Nice information.

  18. Dana Blackhurst

    Congrats, it seems that things are really starting to work out for you!

  19. Jamie Gold

    I remember my first publication… Felt amazing! Congratulations, and hopefully you’ve had many more since.

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  20. Florida Mover

    Congratulations! I read your original review about Bikes Not Bombs and it was very well written. You deserve this.

  21. Adam Pieniazek

    Thank you everyone for the wonderful comments about my article! You’ve all given me a lot of encouragement to continue down this path and hopefully there’ll be many more articles published by yours truly.


    @azeemi, The article about Bikes Not Bombs actually does represent a few areas I’m very passionate about, mainly bicycles and non-profit alternative transportation programs. Though, I understand what you’re saying and have been considering a few blog posts and articles that are a bit more personal and hit closer to home. There is a fine line though between too much information and just enough where the reader feels a personal connection, but hopefully it is one I can walk well.

    @Alex, Actually Momentum Magazine approached me about submitting the article, so I didn’t quite do much (besides publishing the original post) to attract the attention. Having said that, if you write about something you are passionate and take the time to do proper research and write a coherent and intriguing article, I’m sure anyone can be published! If there’s a certain are where you’d like to be published in let me know and we can work together to help achieve your goal! Send me an e-mail when you get a moment and we can go from there Alex.

    @Setai It actually is my first published article but thank you for the nice compliment! πŸ™‚ I was born and raised in Boston, more specifically in the Upham’s Corner/Edward Everett Square section of Dorchester (the biggest and best neighborhood in Boston). You are correct, my last name Pieniazek is in fact Polish and by the way, my last name means money!

    @Phil, I was picked by Momentum Magazine. The way the process actually went down is I posted a review of Bikes Not Bombs at one of my company’s sites, OTIBR, where an editor from Momentum saw and read the article. At that point the editor contacted me about submitting a shortened version of the review for their Boston feature in their next edition. Still, I feel if you have a quality article that is unique and well written you can submit it to publications with a good chance of getting the article printed. If you’d like some advice or help picking, writing, editing, and submitting an article, feel free to send me an e-mail and we can go over a game-plan, Phil.

    Thank you again to everyone who commented here, it’s quite a nice boost to see the article enjoyed, especially since Bikes Not Bombs has been so good to me!