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15 responses to “One Reason the iPhone Will Be Disrupted”

  1. Stuart Foster

    I absolutely love that photo.


  2. Adam Pieniazek

    Yeah I saw that and immediately stopped looking for any others.

  3. Cancelled My iPhone Contract

    […] no secret that AT&T has some issues when it comes to their services. I would constantly get calls that would drop, even when standing […]

  4. Denver Wedding Photographer

    I think the biggest downfall of the Iphone is the fact that I can't openly develop on it. I did just get an iphone, because I feel like it's going to be a while before anyone catches up to it in terms of apps, but the barrier to entry for the iphone apps is so high for a developer. That's why if i had the ability to quickly whip something up for another phone I would do it in a hearbeat. So as soon as developers see how easy to develop for the droid it's going to get real real interesting.

  5. Advantage

    The photo is super cute. And I have to agree with you. AT&T is over priced and drops a lot of calls. I wonder why apple hasn't switched over to other carriers. They must have a contract or something with exclusive rights. But for some the crappy service with AT&T is worth it for the iphone.

  6. Adam Pieniazek

    Agreed. It's a bit ridiculous that you have to pay for the right to develop and publish apps for it, and then Apple can still reject your app for no good reason.

    Now that the Android platform is past its initial stages, it's going to become a very exciting place for developers and consumers.

  7. Adam Pieniazek

    I don't even think they're overpriced for what they claim to offer. They are overpriced for what they actually offer, but if their network didn't suck the prices are on par with the rest of the industry (the $20 unlimited internet was incredible for the time).

    I think most people haven't switched because they wanted an iPhone and are now stuck. Luckily for me, my contract ran out recently and now I'm free! I'm still on an iPhone, waiting to see if Droid lives up to the hype. If it does, I'm switched. If it doesn't I'm just going cell-phone less for a while.

    P.S. Check back in tomorrow for a post about how I get a monthly partial refund on my AT&T bill.

  8. arun kumar

    good photo ?? nice one !!

  9. Tim

    yes ofcourse there are several problems with the AT&T network services in the remote areas. But that wont effect the large use of iPhones.

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  10. Adam Pieniazek

    Since when are Boston Massachusetts or San Francisco California remote?

  11. Ganapathi Y

    I liked the photo and the article very much.

  12. Fatboy Bean Bags


    I just got my iphone about a week ago and read your post with great interest. I also popped over to what Robert Scble had to say as well. I think you have hit the nail on the head with the significance of the network

  13. Bill

    I love my iPhone. But it's true alot of my calls get dropped. But I love the apps for it!

  14. AdamPieniazek

    Yeah, it seems each cell provider sucks in some way. It's as if they all colluded behind closed doors and said “OK, Verizon, your network will rock but your customer service will suck, AT&T your customer service will be stellar but your network will suck, T-Mobile, you're the fallback, just make sure you don't expand too much”.

    As for Blackberry vs. iPhone, it's all about the right tool for the job. For me, internet/terminal is the most crucial factor. The mail app is good enough for my needs and the browser is best in class.

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