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12 responses to “Nipples poking out at the world!”

  1. Justin Wright

    Hmm, I have never seen those scenes before and I own the DVD. I wonder if they were not included in the special features?

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  2. Will

    They do not appar in the english version of the video sold in the UK either

  3. Gochi

    hmmm! this proves that male gets some adrenaline rush in seeing nips and flesh!
    this kind of video is what I like more that what we see from all out porn movies.

    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  4. Extreme 4X4

    I’ve just gotta say — best movie EVER!

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  5. FunAdvice

    lol, I never even knew about those scenes before. Great movie yeah, but sometimes I wish they wouldn’t cut out good scenes like that! (and I’m female).

  6. kerry

    Bill Simmons can barely go a week without mentioning Shawshank, which is absolutely fine by me, but i always find it funny that he does it.

  7. typo

    both deleted scenes can be found on youtube but I think it was a good move to take them out of the movie

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  8. Nick

    Absolutely fantastic film – first time I have seen those deleted scenes. Thanks for the link.

  9. Anonymous

    Absolutely fantastic film – first time I have seen those deleted scenes. Thanks for the link.

  10. Xbox 360

    they certainly were some weird scenes
    they were good, I don’t think they would’ve fit into the movie though

    …which is awesome!!

  11. Jun Valasek

    LOL Hilarious and interesting… I like these type of videos..

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  12. Adam Pieniazek

    These deleted scenes were not on any DVDS released. The one of Red laughing obviously needed to be cut out but the other one of Red walking around the late 60’s world shows us the atmosphere beyond the prison and island Red and Andy went to. I like it and think it should have been included on a deleted scene section on a DVD, though I understand why it was buried instead, completely different from the rest of the film.