Article written by Adam

6 responses to “More Awesome Animation by Steve Scott”

  1. Jim Gaudet

    Uh, left me wondering…What did I just see

  2. mike

    Nice catch – stuck it on twitter. Reminds me of those Jaggermesiter adverts that were on tele a while back – which for some strange reason reminded me of dodgy death metal videos from the eighties.

  3. Narendra Sharma

    That’s nice. Awsome animation. Really appreciable.

  4. Denver Photographer

    I love how he pulls the helmet out of a rabbit?… what drugs are these guys taking, and where can I get some.

    1. Adam Pieniazek

      Honestly, I think these guys are pretty clear-headed when making these videos. I’m no video expert but these look like they took a TON of time to make and the attention to detail makes me believe they were of clear mind when creating them.

      Sobriety is a hell of a drug!

  5. Anna Louise Støjskærm

    I loved this animation!
    Kind og weird and a spooky feel to it.. I’m not really a lot into animations, but this reminds me of the puppet film, Nightmare before Christmas, which I really liked (even went to see it in the cinema).