Article written by Adam

13 responses to “900+ Free Entrecard Credits!”

  1. Blog2u

    That’s too bad that you’re leaving. I just joined so I could use the EC credits. Good luck!

  2. Guttu

    That’s bad. I just started with entrecard and a bad experience comes up. I know it’s difficult to browse and drop comments. i’m still trying. Best of luck for your blog..

  3. LiveWire

    I’ve only been a member of entrecard a few days, but so far im enjoying it. I plan on evaluating the results of my time and effort after a month, similar to what you have done. I’m rather happy so far with the extra visitors, I’ve received 7 or 8 new members to my site in the past few days. Good luck and hopefully I will see you around the entrecard site in the future!

  4. Zoroaster7

    Alex I had no idea entree Card took up so much bandwidth..i mean really ..Does it?? I AM 4 REAL

  5. Sherry

    I have heard about EC giving some effect but not sure how true is that.

    Anyway. Here is my entry.

  6. Guttu

    I agree with the fact that it takes too much bandwidth. Next few days I’ll find if it’s worth wasting..

  7. Traveller

    I was wondering why it was 930 EC instead of a 1000. Good luck to me and you!

  8. Khyle

    Good luck to us! I’ll let you know if i’ve blogged about it 🙂

  9. Graham Langdon

    Really sorry to see you go Adam.

    On the off chance, you may want to stick around for our big announcement this week. You may find yourself wanting to stay… can’t say anything more though!