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  2. blogcruiser

    I’m not a spammer in any means but I’m quite guilty of poor grammar. Please forgive me but that is just one of my weaknesses. I agree people have to get out there in the non-virtual world too. I assume they are but assuming is not always a good thing. So I agree with your message of spreading the message in varied ways.

    Although, I wish people would consider utilizing the words virtual and non-virtual over the words real world and not the real world. The internet and activities that take place on it are no less real than using any other tool for communications. The internet is still very much a part of the real world.

  3. mark

    Phuk ewe, Adumb. Content and passion are far more important than perfect spelling. Quit being an elitist. Some people are good at math, some at spelling, some at policy. Relax.

    Ron Paul 2008!

  4. blogcruiser

    I did notice you mention that you posted it because the content was good. Heck, improvement upon anything is not a negative thing. We all strive to be better and do things better. Ok, many people do, I can’t speak for the world.

    I appreciated your post on Ron Paul and your opinion. I read and evaluate what people have to say. I’m always looking to improve so hopefully after I leave a blog and read their material I digest the good and utilize it. Hopefully, if there is negative there I leave that and not take that with me.

    I thank you for sharing your opinions and I hope you continue with your blogging. The more ideas and thoughts out here, then the more possibility of all of us all growing and improving.

    Ok, some posts are just for fun or to spur emotions or what ever intent. It is all interesting and worth it.

    Have a great day!


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