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  1. Farris Thorne

    Hi Adam —

    You and I both had the same idea (see my version at But it turns out another Blogger, “NerdMom,” is trying to steal your idea and pass it off as her own.

    She did the same to me yesterday, and after I asked her to alter her post to give better credit, she instead stole your image and shifted a really poor “hat tip” from me to you.

    Anyway, if you don’t like having your ideas stolen, I’d recommend calling her on it. Check it out at

    thanks, and good luck! ft

  2. Nate

    I just came across your post because we were just watching BSG, and thought the same thing! I did a search on “John Mccain Colonel Tigh” and found this. Amazing resemblance!

  3. Thoog

    I’ve known it for years. Those chipmunk jowls of his? Those work like dolphin heads. They’re sound transducers so he can navigate in the dark. That’s how he’s able to walk around despite the fact his eyes have been closed to reality for decades.

  4. rend

    “Thanks for stopping by Nate. Now, the questions is, who’d make a better president, John McCain or Colonel Tigh?”

    Answer, neither as one is born in Panama and the other is a Canadian. That said, Tigh is awesome and I would far prefer to be rules by him.

  5. biffstallion

    Someone get the WAAAAAAAHambulance, someone copied something out on the internets. Geesh.

  6. MiHI

    Wow. Literal Barrage pulled a Ric Romero.

    Don’t forget to post the “Who the frak jarked off in my coffeeeeee?” pic while you’re at it.

  7. Sid

    omg he’s a Silon lol.

    Seriously they both have that military look don’t they?

    Sids last blog post..Audio editors sound editing software

  8. Matt

    And has anyone noticed that the new VP pick for McCain looks almost exactly like Mary McDonnell?

    Eerie indeed!

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  10. Rex May

    Check out my cartoon here:

    Tigh cartoon on top as of today. You might have to scroll down later.


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  12. lol
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  17. Dave Brown

    that’s hilarious!!! Too effing funny!