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  1. Ahmad Farid

    Hey Adam, It seems I am getting to love your blog. I want to comment on two points.

    First one : Being terrified
    Well, the fear is a normal feeling of human beings but when it increases to the normal level it turns to be in the wrong way. In addition it’s not correct to be afraid of something you don’t know much about which you just get your information from media of only one side which may change the truth or use it to achieve some of their goals. This will lead me to the second point.

    Second one : Terrorism
    What’s terrorism? In my opinion it’s the action of terrifying people for no reason. Unfortunately that word had been related much to Islam since 11 September – I am Muslim by the way. And I am glad I think you don’t have that idea about Muslims that they are terrorists or something like that because it is completely wrong. The problem is that some people who are also Muslims in their beliefs act the wrong way but their action was to hard that they covered the voice of the right ones like what happened in 11 September. Do you know that in Islam regulations killing people in peace -as what they did- requires being killed? They are just people who are ignorant about their religion in first place who flew into rage quickly without thinking of what their religion tell them to do. That even had a bad effect on Muslims themselves that made nonreligious people think all religious ones are bad. See they affected all people although they were wishing to help because of ignorance to the truth.
    So if someone wants to know the reality about Muslims then read in their history read about the life of Prophet Muhammad and his companions you will find that they never killed a woman, a child, a priest or even a man with no weapon – not in peace time in war.

    Ok well I think I have been talking a lot. I am sorry for that long comment, but it really hurts when you see most people around having the wrong idea about you and I felt you are someone who don’t have that idea so it was like a chance for me to try to say some of what may change that idea to the other side as you have already began mentioning it.
    Keep posting 🙂

  2. Matt

    The problem with the war on terror is that ignorant and complacent people are easy to manipulate. You’ve probably heard about the Pentagon executing propaganda against the American citizens. It is fish in the barrel when you take into consideration the failing education system and complacent populous. The society is setup to be focused on such short-term and local issues that people never pay enough attention to our government and nothing changes. As long as we’ve got SUV’s, big screens, and fast food, we’ll be stupid enough to be under control constantly.

  3. Matt

    The problem is the mass majority of people are still getting their information from mainstream media (i.e. Fox News). Most people don’t have any clue who Ron Paul is even now. It is terribly frightening.
    Lots of people my age (25) don’t want to hear anything about politics. They’re more interested in binge drinking and drowning in debt. The people my parents age (60) are more worried about who is going to keep taxes the lowest and take care of social security. More often than not thats the Republican candidate. For now, that means McCain and more war on terror. This also means less domestic capital, less power in the dollar, and a weaker and weaker economy.
    We do have to get the truth out to the majority of Americans in order to make a change. The question is, how and who?

  4. Matt

    The problem is you have to do the research for them and present it in a modern American format (with ticker tape at the bottom showing the latest ALERT!!! TERROR!!!) in order for them to accept it as news. Otherwise you’re just some blog, ranting activist, etc. and the effect is close to null. I’m right there with you on the issues but not enough people are unhappy with the truth or aware of it in order to make any change or any effort to help.

  5. Matt

    In my opinion, it is one of the catalysts of the problem we’re facing now. The media controls the people, like it or not.

  6. Ahmad Farid

    I haven’t checked the mail for a while so I know read all those comments at once. To be telling the truth I didn’t expect all that hidden problems in the US. From time to time, I get the opportunity of talking with an American citizen or even anyone from the world and they all say the same word, that they don’t like the president or the government. However, I thought that the problem they don’t like it what it does to other people and countries not to their own people, so I still don’t understand precisely what they do to their own people. I will tell you how the situation is like here in Egypt to let ideas meet.

    Here there is no Democracy. The president, his party and the government controls everything and you can’t say no. Recently some newspapers began to write more freely than before, however to certain limits and anything else is not allowed like demonstrations or talking in public places. They are robbing the country; prices have raised about 70% during one or two years. While salaries are the same. A few days ago they said it is raised 30%. Anyway in order not to bother you by local problems lets go to another point.

    What we should do. Well here a few years ago people were not knowing that. They didn’t know they were robbed. They thought our government is an angel. Now that idea is changed. Nearly all people here hate them, however they don’t bother to make change. Why? May be afraid of what they may do to them. As they are busy now with capturing an torturing who talk about them instead of providing food for the poor. May be it’s the negativity. And that’s what I guess. Now here we just need a leader to move all those people. To organize them onto one voice and one man. I don’t know what’s your state exactly. Do you still need to spread knowledge among people? We still need that too. So I think we should be more realistic. Whoever can do something do it. I can’t be that leader. But all what I can do is saying my thoughts loudly at least to feel I have done what I am supposed to.

    Sorry for being long. I enjoyed that discussion really 🙂

  7. Hellbound Alleee

    The government wants people to be terrified in order to legitimize taking away our liberty.

    Corporations want us to be terrified into buying their crap.

    The media wants us to be terrified because it makes for good ratings.

    That’s because most people don’t give a shit and aren’t terrified at all. They’re only terrified when someone tells them they need to be, or should be in order to be good citizens and parents. They say, “sure, yes, I’m terrified, outraged” into the camera.

    It’s not a matter of truth. It’s a matter of politics/lying in public. It’s about face. If we think the Chinese are about saving face, we should look into the mirror.

    BTW, welcome to the Market Anarchist carnival, which will be on my blog on the 29th.

  8. Matt

    The reality is, if we get tough and protest, we get arrested. It is happening to the anonymous group who protests Scientology. It is happening to people in the black community who stand up and protest against white cops killing people without good reason. It happened to Al Sharpton (which in my opinion, he’s an idiot, but that doesn’t change that he shouldn’t be arrested) just recently. So not many people are ready to make the sacrifice of their immediate liberty to protest.

  9. Lars

    Loved your post Adam. I am so tired of the media pushing this “be afraid, be very afraid” agenda. There’s always something we NEED to be afraid of isn’t there?

  10. Douglas Ragan

    That’s right kids, the war on terror is fake. There are no terrorists trying to destroy the US and Israel. It’s just a word used to scare you.

  11. Douglas Ragan

    That much is agreed. The difference is that if people would stop thinking that there are no terrorists, then we could actually replace those in power here. We have these things called elections.

  12. Ahmad Farid

    You know what guys, frankly there are terrorists -of very few number but there are- who are doing bad things for real that I am ashamed of. But what those terrorists do is killing civilians right? Then why aren’t the governments who help or just approve or even keep silent -like ours- while Israel killing children called terrorists too. See that link
    But terrorists in my opinion are only who kill civilians but people defending their homeland and killing soldiers who are raping their mothers in front of them are not considered terrorists as he calls them.
    That’s some of what you don’t see on your media probably, but we see that everyday and people are still silent. I think our fault is bigger even. By the way there is a channel called “Al-Jazeera” it’s like the first news TV channel in the middle east. It has one channel in English as well, try to see if you can watch it from USA. It is really fair it does not goes with any organization or country. That’s its link
    Have you heard the last speech of Bush in Jerusalem as well?

    You also said that the democrats and the republicans are not good enough and are destroying the US from inside, well I am not so good at the politics in the US but who else is there who can be capable of improving conditions? I heard a speech of Obama which was kinda good, or that’s just speeches to get the throne?

  13. Ahmad Farid

    Hey again. Well as a matter of fact there are terrorists and that’s something I am really ashamed of because of giving wrong bad idea about something completely different. However there is something that we should be aware of. That people defending their home lands or protecting their women who are raped in front of them are not considered terrorists right? Terrorists are those who kill civilians, that’s in my opinion at least. So why don’t these government call themselves terrorists as well when they do kill civilians in their homes, approve that or even watch and keep silent – like ours for instance. Have you heard the last speech of Bush in Jerusalem? Do you see what happens their in Palestine? check that [youtube] link [above]:
    [link edited out]

    You are right about the media. You know, Even here in Egypt the national channels and newspaper who are of the government do the same ting. Always complimenting the president and let it looks as if the citizens are living the most luxurious life when they are dying while a few individuals are robbing the country. But here there are many other TV channels which says the truth so now people know they are lying. If you would like to see another TV channel you may check for one called “Al-Jazeera” it is the best in the middle east and it is quite fair. There is one showing in English so you may try to search for it. You can check its website as well. Here it is: [see Aljazeera link in above comment]

    I am not doing well in the US politics but you said that the Republicans and the Democrats are destroying the US. So who else can do good things? I have heard a speech of Obama recently which I found it was somewhat good at least in the inner conditions. Or that was just sweet words to get the throne?

    Sorry for being so long. Thanks 🙂

  14. Matt

    I’m beginning to think we (the collective, American populous) are getting what we deserve. A few experiences with people this weekend have made my confidence in human kind drop even lower. I feel like education is the only way to get away from having chimp’s who can’t say nuclear properly in the White House. Sometimes I feel like I need to just go ahead and move to New Zealand and get it over with.

    p.s. Adam, I have another piece of information that will probably get your blood bubbling. It is a chain letter sent to me from someone and it is about Obama. Shoot me an e-mail and I’ll sent it (and my reply to it) to you.

  15. Matt

    I think if you look at the education in places like India, they are light years ahead of us yet they’re still not a leading nation in the world’s economy like the United States. America is in a rare position of power where if we increased our quality and quantity education by a significant portion, we would be able to have an enormous effect on the world as a whole.

    That being said, the quality of education even at college level can be ridiculous. I was part of a specialized biology program in which we were doing remote learning via Internet based classes. I e-mailed my professor in the first week and never got a reply. Because I never got a reply (after multiple e-mails), I withdrew from the class in fear that I wouldn’t have sufficient support during the semester. I received a reply from the professor 5 months later. He stated he was in the Florida Keys and was sorry about the delay.

    I still see this as an educational and societal problem though. It seems to me that the majority of educators could care less about the total effect they have on their students. They’re more worried about paying their bills and getting to 5pm everyday. I think this stems from a combination of a bad education in their upbringing and the apathy and complacency that plagues our country in so many different areas. In my opinion, that is something that needs to be taught. Our educational system needs to teach history, and even have a mandatory class about apathy and complacency. Show the kids what happens when a culture is more obsessed with immediate benefits and don’t care enough to grow and stay on top of their game. Show them the path that the great Roman Empire took. Show them what happened to the British Empire. Remind them that their cush lifestyle can disappear within their lifetime and there could actually be a time when they can’t just goof off and play on myspace or watch MTV. These values are critical to having a population that is on the path to success. The other path SUCKS.

  16. Douglas Ragan

    The flaws of voting online are as obvious as the flaws of banking online. The difference is that you invite more hackers to the fold.

    And the problem with our voting system isn’t diebold. The problem with the system is that most of the people in this country believe what they are told to believe. This is why many people believe that Bush is pushing up the price of oil. This is why people believe that tax cuts caused a credit crises. This is why no one pays attention to the Iraqi general who tells us that Saddams weapons systems were hidden in Syria. This is why people think that we can solve all of life’s problems by raising taxes. And it is why people think that elections are being rigged by diebold.

    Politicians don’t need to use new technology to rig elections. They will stick to the old fashion methods. Elections are won by those who tell the best lies about whatever people are complaining about the most. The problem isn’t diebold, the problem is the belied systems of the people pushing the buttons.

  17. barryb.

    I’m with you. How the hell do you declare war agains a tactic???? WTF. Thanks for saying what people need to hear.


  18. Douglas Ragan

    Adam, I can’t prove anything to you about your vote, and you can’t prove that your vote wasn’t counted. In the system you pitch, you are trying to get a country full of people to understand an online system that they don’t understand. Getting people to vote online is almost impossible, and then getting them to go back later to verify is even more impossible. And even if we did, there is nothing to keep a vote tally of over 100 million from being misrepresented.

    The point I was trying to make was that the problem with our democracy isn’t a cover-up or a conspiracy to make sure your vote doesn’t count. The problem is that too many people are looking for the conspiracy instead of putting real effort into researching the issues and promises of the person for whom they are voting.

    Do you want to hear the real conspiracy, if there is one? It isn’t a diebold effort to steal your vote. It isn’t the screwup of Florida. It’s a country of people who believe that they have to vote for one guy just to keep someone worse from winning the prize. I can’t tell you how many blogs and comments I read from people saying that they would like to have voted for someone like Duncan Hunter, but didn’t do so because they don’t think he can win the general election. They were convinced that it wouldn’t matter, so they voted for someone else.

  19. Anonymous

    By the way, the war on terror isn’t a war against a tactic. It’s a war against the people who are trying to use that tactic against the US. And it isn’t a false war used to push surveillance and dictatorship for the common good. The surveillance program that caused so much controversy was deemed a constitution right of the president in Truong vs the US back in the 80s. This is something that no one likes to talk about of course because it has that smell of the truth. We make no mention of the fact that FISA judges refer to this case when they are asked for their opinions.
    And a dictatorship? Really. When is King George planning on getting this done exactly? He seems to be running out of time. I’m sure that this time next year we will be given different information on this conspiracy.

  20. Douglas Ragan

    Sloppiness of elections is status quo for the US government, which is why it should be smaller not bigger. How about a compromise? Why don’t we stick to the electronic machines, but then have the results posted in the fashion you mention? This way the votes can’t be hacked by every tom dick and harry. If they are hacked, there will be a trail.

    I believe that the biggest challenge to keeping our politicians in DC honest is the issue of pork. Did you know that once they get a project through, they can continue to allocate the same amount of money every year after that without it even becoming an issue? Alaska got their bridge to nowhere money even after a stink was raised because they never went back in to take it from them. Alaska simply used the money for another project the next year.

    Terrorism existed long before America and McDonalds. The people who do this thrive in countries that lack freedoms and education. They are angry and they really aren’t certain why. So when someone tells them that it is the evil American empire, they fall in line. The interesting thing about the Iraq war is that it has allowed Muslims all over the globe to see how brutal the terrorist really are. They now see the reports about Muslims blowing up other Muslims. This is why if you discount Iraq, terrorist attacks are actually down worldwide. Fareed Zakaria wrote a piece about this not long ago.

    You can fight people who use a tactic and do things to prevent another attack. We did in fact capture the man who planned 9-11 and have killed others who helped him. We have shown others the true nature of the terrorists and have also beaten many of them into submission. We have also prevented additional attacks against our country since 9-11. Now I know that you will tell me that we haven’t prevented anything and that this is just what the government wants me to believe. But as much as I doubt my government, I do give them the benefit of the doubt over the terrorists.

    Your rant about a dictatorship makes no sense. A dictator isn’t behind the scenes. I won’t defend Halliburton, but anyone who thinks that this war is about driving up the price of oil doesn’t know much about economics. Being in the business of commodities, I happen to know about things like increased demand from India and China. I also know a bubble when I see one, and much of the current price of oil is from hedge funds hitting the buy button with their clients money. And even if this were true, how does that make him a dictator? The warrantless interception of messages from foreign locations is the Constitutional right of the President. This is according to multiple court rulings and has been backed by FISA judges. They actually sat in front of the same Congress members who still complain and told them this.

  21. Desires Middle East Peace

    Hi Adam,

    My interest in your post is not the War on Terror, but the fact that you declare you will live without fear. I am fascinated by the concept of living outside a realm of fear and not allowing fear to overtake our lives. It’s an interesting concept to apply this to the War on Terror.

    Still, I think people are deathly afraid of terrorists. I can’t say I blame them, but I wholeheartedly join you in living outside of fear.

  22. Samuel

    I think some of them want us to be terrified! and they are doing nothing but bomb our minds with some terror ideas…

  23. Adam Pieniazek

    I think you’re right Samuel, we must remember that terror is a state of mind, a feeling, and not a term we should apply loosely to the world at large.

  24. Douglas Ragan

    Terror may be a state of mind, but it has a cause. Sometimes it is caused by external influences, such as people flying airplanes into buildings and blowing up Navy ships.

    Douglas Ragans last blog post..Pelosi Returns From The Vatican Wood Shed

  25. Tony Lee

    The goal of a terrorist is instill fear. Take fear out of the mix, and their mission has failed.

    Tony Lees last blog post..What it is Your Favorite Designer Handbag?

  26. Douglas Ragan

    The goal of a terrorist is to kill. People are afraid of being killed.

    Douglas Ragans last blog post..Pelosi Returns From The Vatican Wood Shed

  27. Adam Pieniazek

    Sure Douglas, people flying planes into buildings causes terror…so does dropping bombs on innocent civilians, jailing people indefinitely with no rights and no alleged crimes, putting an entire country under surveillance, spending immense amounts of money on wars overseas while bridges crumble at home (and so on). My point is we can’t give in to the terror, that is essentially what terrorists want, for us to be terrified and stay home in our underground bunkers.

    If a terrorists only goal is to kill, then relatively speaking they have failed. Don’t get me wrong here, the thousands of deaths caused by terrorists is tragic, but when looked at relative to all other causes of death terrorism is very, very low on the causes of death list. Personally, I believe a terrorists’ goal is to instill fear, while a murderer’s goal is to kill. In that sense they are an even more dangerous enemy, as fear is relatively easy to achieve compared to massive amounts of death.

  28. Douglas Ragan

    “so does dropping bombs on innocent civilians”

    Something that happens during war, if we had not been attacked, there would have been no war.

    “jailing people indefinitely with no rights and no alleged crimes”

    You shoot at soldiers and Marines, you go to jail.

    “putting an entire country under surveillance”

    You should have a conversation with whoever did that and please let me know what country this is so I never move there.

    “spending immense amounts of money on wars overseas while bridges crumble at home (and so on)”

    The Federal government spends money on defense, state governments build bridges.

    “My point is we can’t give in to the terror, that is essentially what terrorists want, for us to be terrified and stay home in our underground bunkers.”

    We haven’t done this, we have tracked them down and killed them.

    “If a terrorists only goal is to kill, then relatively speaking they have failed. Don’t get me wrong here, the thousands of deaths caused by terrorists is tragic, but when looked at relative to all other causes of death terrorism is very, very low on the causes of death list.”

    Because we have killed so many of them and prevented them from attacking us again.

    Douglas Ragans last blog post..The Undaunted Dozen

  29. Adam Pieniazek

    1) But we were attacked because of the first gulf war and our other excursions in the Middle East over the years. Even the 9/11 Commission stated that 9/11 occurred because the U.S. had a presence in the Middle East. If we didn’t go there, they wouldn’t have attacked us here, and we wouldn’t have gone to war with them, again.

    2) I may be wrong here but I do not believe that all the people in Guantanamo are there because they shot at soldiers or Marines. Many of them are there without being charged with any crime, without having had a trial. Even if they are guilt of some crime it is simply wrong and completely against American ideals to jail them indefinitely without charging them and without giving them a fair trail.

    3) The United States is/was under heavy surveillance Douglas. Part of this is us accepting this surveillance (GPS, facebook etc.), and part of it is covert government surveillance. To say that the NSA only placed terrorists under surveillance is giving the NSA and our technology too much credit. The nature of watching communication lines for terrorist activities means we are all under watch to some extent, especially when terrorism is so loosely defined.

    4) The federal government spends money on everything, not just defense. Take a look at the budget. Besides, the point still applies, if the federal government did not spend so much money on “defense” (I don’t consider it defense when we’re attacking people on foreign soil, to me that’s a clear case of offense, whether justified or not) there would be more money left over for education, healthcare, and infrastructure.

    5) By caving on civil rights issue such as surveillance and Guantanamo we are giving in to terror.

    6) Perhaps Douglas, but the 9/11 attacks only required a small group of people. Are you saying that the terrorists don’t have 20-30 people to send over here for another attack attempt? There’s been less attacks because they would have less impact after 9/11. If we’re already in a terrified state, the terrorist really has nothing to gain by attacking, however once we’re lulled back into feeling safe we also become vulnerable to more attacks. In either case, I hope that these attacks and our responsive wars become a historic note and do not occur going forward.

  30. Adam Pieniazek

    Here’s what it really boils down to, Douglas, at least from my perspective. In this conflict, neither side is truly innocent, nor is either side right. If both sides took all the energy and resources used to fight each other and instead focused it domestically to improve education and living standards, all of us would be better off. Instead, we’ve become stuck in an eye for an eye battle whether each side has vowed to keep fighting until the other side is vanquished from the earth, which realistically is near impossible to achieve.

    The main point of this post was to note that both sides should stop being terrified of each other (which also requires both sides to stop attacking each other) and to move forward to a better day for all of us.

  31. Douglas Ragan

    “If both sides took all the energy and resources used to fight each other and instead focused it domestically to improve education and living standards, all of us would be better off.”

    Tell them that, see how it works.

    Here is the reality, at least from the perspective of the actual world. There have always and will always be horrible people in the world who believe for one reason or another that they need to kill anyone not like them. There will always be people who believe they need to dominate the world.

    The only way to deal with these people is to kill them.

    Douglas Ragans last blog post..The Undaunted Dozen

    1. Adam Pieniazek

      Hehe, it would be quite the scene if I somehow got the head of the terrorist organizations and coalition forces in one room and made that argument, though if such a situation occurred and both sides used logic and ration instead of emotion perhaps my argument would hit home…one can dream, eh?

      As for the second part of your comment, in essence you’re saying that there exists a small group of people unlike the rest of us who believe they need to kill us because we’re not like them and the only way to deal with these people, who are not like us, is to kill them. Well, isn’t that what you’re saying the terrorists are doing (killing people who are not like them). If we go out and kill this small group of people for not being like us, are we not doing exactly the same thing that we’re killing them for? That’s a pretty impressive piece of circular logic you’ve outlined there, are you by chance a lawyer? Anyway, we can make the claim that we’re only protecting ourselves (by killing them before they kill us), but they make the same justifications. We can sit here and say we’re only killing them because they’re killing us but terrorists make the same exact claim. To me, that highlights the absurdity of both sides. Perhaps I’m just too much of an optimist and should face reality that war is a part of the human condition but then again we wouldn’t have had this great discussion if that was the case.

      As for dominating the world, the reality is terrorists are far from being a dominating force, if any party involved is dominating it’s the USA. We’re the ones with military bases all over the world. I hope I don’t come across as defending terrorists/terrorism, because I’m not. I simply don’t believe that either side is clearly right or justified. Both sides are responsible for innocent deaths, deaths that could have been avoided. Perhaps I’m being a bit too abstract in my thinking, but the logic that these people are bad because they kill, so we must kill them doesn’t make sense to me. If you’re saying it’s a kill or be killed world, well that might be true but does that make it right to kill? Or do we live in a world where necessity dictates what is morally right?

  32. Douglas Ragan

    I did not use circular logic, you did. We are NOT killing them because they are not like us, we are killing them in self defense.

    And they will tell that this is true if you pay attention to many of them. They have stated in the media that their goal is global domination and the destruction of all those who do not worship their god. They have said this over and over again, and every time they do, another American says we should be nice to them.

    The US has bases all over the world in the name of peace, not domination. We have bases in Germany, but is US law in force their? We have bases in Japan, but I can tell you that if a Marine breaks Japanese law, he goes to a Japanese prison. And if Japan or Germany tell us to leave, we will leave.

    And if you get the head of a terrorist organization in a room, and he believes you and agrees with you, he will simply be replaced by another.

    Douglas Ragans last blog post..The Undaunted Dozen

  33. Tony Lee

    Hello Douglas, (and all)

    The War on terror is a sensitive subject for many, and I find the comments here quite interesting. I keep an open mind at all times when it comes to this subject, great comments and opinions on both sides of the house! (In Feb 2005, I retired from the military with just over 26 years of active duty service)

    Yes Douglas, the U.S. has established military bases in just about about every corner of the world. As far as criminal jurisdiction goes, the SOFA is in place in all foreign countries occupied by U.S. forces. (Status of Forces Agreement).

    This agreement simply states that U.S. courts have initial jurisdiction of crimes involving a service member, against another service member. There have however, occurred crimes against local nationals by service members. Each of these types of (major) crimes are looked at case by case by both the military and host nation to determine jurisdiction or legal authority. In almost all cases, the host nation has the final say so and the service member is tried under host nation laws. If the host nation refuses or waives prosecution, the service member is then tried under the U.C.M.J. (Uniform Code of Military Justice) Most end up being the latter.

    Those of us who serve in the military must keep in mind that as we serve abroad, we also represent the united States as diplomats who must set an example. Unfortunately, there are a few bad apples even under the strict conditions of the military who fail to follow the rules.

    The war on terror? Well, I guess you say that I’ve seen much of it first hand, from the Cold War in Europe, to “Operation Desert Storm”, to Operation “Enduring Freedom” to “Operation Iraqi Freedom”.

    Whether it be our current world condition, or twenty years from now, there will always be those who try to influence their beliefs on others. We can only hope that perhaps someday they will realize that violence is not the answer.

    Hope this helps..

    Tony Lees last blog post..Ben Hogan Headcovers

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  35. Adam Pieniazek

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