Article written by Adam

21 responses to “Test Your Reaction Time!”

  1. Mike

    hahaha I saw this on digg
    I got the 3rd sheep 0.0000

  2. Justin Wright

    I want the 20 minutes of life back that I spent playing this game. I couldn’t stop until I got to the rabbit level…haha

    Justin Wrights last blog post..I’m A Rocketing Rabbit

  3. Adam Pieniazek

    Nice Mike. Hehe…, your 20 minutes is long gone Justin, at least it was spent well, eh!

  4. Farrhad A

    Its soo addictive 🙂

    Farrhad As last blog post..farrhad: @Stammy Read that post…..pathetic…..kind of feel bad for George……

  5. Bratwurst Recipes

    I still can’t get the elusive .000

    Bratwurst Recipess last blog post..Easy to make grilled Beer Brats

  6. Dara

    Ugh, I’m now addicted and feeling upset that I can’t get the .000! I’ll be at this all day!!!

    Daras last blog post..Dancing/singing

  7. music man

    My hand eye coordination is terrible. thats probly why I don’t play video games.

    music mans last blog post..Techno Talk

  8. James @ women fashion dresses

    Hi Adam, Loved the game. I hope I will not be too addicted to it from now on.

  9. Konstantin

    Adam, Loved the game,too

  10. Brad

    it’s not loading for me, do i need a plugin or something?

  11. Wii

    Yup, tried it before, I got the 0.000 secs score too. Pure fluke! Great fun though lol.

  12. Samuel

    No!! I got 0.000 secs! I couldn’t believe it! this is a really great game!

  13. Ben | Ventrilo Servers

    Great game to spend some time, at the end they say no sheep’s are harms 🙂 he..he..

  14. Ståle | Cheap Posters

    Haha, I normally think these games are really stupid, but this one was actually really funny. Thanks.

  15. Tips for Girls

    Very funny game, my computer runs a little bit slow and i got: 0.4612

    Tips for Girlss last blog post..How to have an unforgettable trip without spending a lot of money

  16. motts


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  17. Vrbo

    OMG! Very addicting! I hate you for showing me this game!

  18. Eric

    I have no time 🙁
    All the time working…

    Erics last blog post..Bromas japonesas

  19. Myspace Layouts

    I had fun with this game, I haven’t played a flash game in years but this was fun to get a break for everyday life..I feel sorry for Eric who is working all time..

  20. game servers

    i love this game but i am not very good at it. my reaction time is so bad. i will be back to try again.

  21. Play

    I also love to play this.