Article written by Adam

2 responses to “Clean Environment Players: It’s Economics Stupid”

  1. Justin Wright

    I completely agree with everything you said. Humans are indeed 100% to blame for damage done to the environment. I’m reminded of this every time I go out for a hike. I haven’t found a trail yet where I haven’t come across broken beer bottles, fast food containers, or empty plastic bottles laying in the woods. Other species of animals sure didn’t put them there.

    But it’s true that all of us are to blame, no matter how eco-friendly our lifestyles are. The best we can do is make smart decisions and change the way we think, shop, and use resources.

    It reminds me of Food Inc, when the guy said that everything we buy at the store is a vote. We either vote for companies who care more about profits or we vote for companies trying to make a change. Eco-friendly products do in fact cost more, but that’s if you focus solely on the short-term and not on the long-term change they will make.

    We can definitely do better.

    1. Adam Pieniazek

      It irritates me when skeptics point out flaws in global warming or recycling programs or what have you. Those things don’t matter! Anyone who looks at the world rationally can see that there’s two things we’re not doing well. Managing (limited) resources and tidying up after ourselves. There’s really no excuse for dumping trash in the wilderness, or even out your window in a dense urban area.

      And you’re right, no matter how eco-friendly we are we’ll still have a net negative impact on the world.

      I’ve only seen bits and pieces of Food Inc, but sounds like it advocates the way I try to live. If something is a little more expensive but better for the environment, I buy it. I feel we should implement regulations to prevent products from cutting costs and skipping environmental precautions. If all products had to be eco-friendly, they’d all end up being cheaper because of mass production and we’d all be better off for it.