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8 responses to “Down with Textbooks! What Schools, Publishers and You can do to Reduce Textbook Costs”

  1. Ulman

    I agree brick and mortar just seems to get you in the mood to learn. Being home online would tempt many to get lazy.

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  2. Adam Pieniazek

    Actually, I’ll have to disagree with both of you, online classes (for me) are easier to get to and schedule and thus have a higher chance of me attending and participating in the class. Especially living here in New England, it becomes easy to skip a class or two during the winter when there’s tons of snow on the ground and cold wind in the air. Online classes, on the other hand can be attended from anywhere you have an internet connection, I could even access the majority of my coursework via my iPhone!

    I understand the point but for me online education’s merits beat out traditional brick and mortar classrooms. Though, having said that I’d like to participate in a hybrid school where there are online and brick and mortar classes, just to mix things up and keep everything fresh and exciting.

  3. Phillip Freeman

    Borrow a friendly classmates book for a day, scan all the pages to pdf, and keep all your textbooks in one nice laptop 🙂 Saved me $100’s in college.

    1. Adam Pieniazek

      Good call Phillip. What pisses me off about textbook publishers is that they print of needless editions every year in huge number and then must charge so much for them to make their money back, whereas they could instead just print all their books to PDF and save everyone involved a ton of money and still maintain the same profit level. At the very least they should provide options to students to purchase the book in PDF format for a discount, instead of forcing one type of product on the entire market.

  4. Tony Lee

    Good point Adam. I’m sure there could be an encryption in place to keep it from being pirated.

    My stepson who is attending UC San Diego shares your frustrations. Of course I should be the one frustrated, I’m footing the bill for all his school. Oh well, when I’m old and broke, I’ll just hit him up for a loan…LOL!

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  5. koneka

    Every University library should have copies of text books. During my University course I had some books, which were huge, around 100 pages, which would have been impossible to scan. In the UK many Universities have second-hand book shops, but they don’t always take your book in if they are flooded with the same book. So if you want to sell yours, do it few days before the course ends, or hang on to it for a while, as everybody is trying to sell the same book right after the exam.

    1. Adam Pieniazek

      I still believe e-books are the way to go. Publishers hate them because they can’t sell e-books for $100-$200 but it makes sense.

  6. Anonymous

    But you can’t sell international textbooks back. :/