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7 responses to “Why You Shouldn’t Order Business Cards After Midnight”

  1. Justin Wright

    You had me sitting here trying to figure out what word was spelled wrong. I didn’t even notice the slant at all.

    But yeah, VistaPrint is pretty good. I have hear people say bad things about them but I have never had a problem. I usually go for the premium cards since they are printed a little better.

    Cool design!

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  2. Adam Pieniazek

    Hehe, yeah I debated whether I should even say anything but a few of my friends spotted it rather quickly when I gave them a few cards so then I knew it was a big enough issue to warrant trying to fix it. Glad I did since it means I basically got the cards for free!

  3. Kong

    I didn’t notice the slant either. Maybe it is the way the photo was taken. Its probably one of those things that will bother you but nobody else will think twice about. I also use Vista print for everything. Not always the best quality but you can’t beat the prices!

  4. TGLR

    Wow they seem to be really nice.
    I’ll definitely remember this site if I ever get business cards for something.

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  5. JP

    I, like Justin, was looking for something off on your card for awhile. That is cool that they helped you like that. Your cards came out nice too. -jp

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    1. Adam Pieniazek

      @Kong It is a bit more noticeable in person. Still, I think you’re right because only 5% of the people I’ve handed them to have noticed it.

      @TGLR Thanks!

      @JP Very awesome customer service, and they sent me a coupon via twitter too! Glad you like the cards.

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