Article written by Adam

8 responses to “Scribnia: Yelp for Writers”

  1. David Spinks


    Wow, what a great (and thorough) review. May be the best one I’ve seen. Thank you very much for all your support and for being such an enthusiastic user.

    The multiple topic limitation is definitely something we’re having some trouble with. With the way the system works, we cannot create more than one category for blogger. This isn’t a common issue as most bloggers focus on one segment, but we’re hoping to fix this for the versatile bloggers such as yourself.

    Thanks and looking forward to seeing to continue to be a prominent user as we continue to grow.


    1. Adam Pieniazek

      Something I should have added to the review is that the Scribnia team is very, very good at listening to user feedback and implementing changes. I’ve sent over a few suggestions and they’ve responded quickly and either agreed with the improvement or noted why it couldn’t be done or why it might not be a good idea.

      People like David and Russ D really get that they should listen to blogger feedback since we’re a huge part of the target audience!

      Looking forward to seeing what you guys do with Scribnia in the future David. The multi-topic issue seems like it’d be a tough fix but I’ve got confidence in you guys!

  2. Stuart Foster

    Really like your assessment of Scribnia as the “Yelp” for bloggers. It’s pretty much dead on. I think that your concerns are warranted, I also think that some of these are going to be addressed very very soon though. Had a great talk with Russ and David the other day via a conference call. Looking forward to the progress that will be made there.

    1. Adam Pieniazek

      You’re right Stuart, the Scribnia team is really great at continually improving the site.

      Looking back I’m a bit amazed someone didn’t come up with a Yelp for writers idea sooner, but I’m glad the Scribnia team is leading the way as they’re clearly very talented.

  3. Jim Gaudet


    Sorry man the other day I lost some emails, and of course the invite you sent to me was included.

    Can you send again?

    Great review BTW..

    1. Adam Pieniazek

      Alex is out of the office but Adam just resent you an invite. 😉

      That’s like the tenth time in the past two years someone has called me Alex. Do I have it on my site somewhere? Don’t mind, I think it’s hilarious but am curious.

      Anyhoo, let me know if the resent invite doesn’t go through.

      1. Jim Gaudet

        All signed up, gracias 🙂

        Lo siento mucho..

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